Programmatic Advertising Shouldn’t Be Problematic

Your queries on Google translate into content-related ads popping out on different websites. That’s what we call programmatic advertising or programmatic ad buying in digital marketing, estimated to accrue nearly $96 billion in profit by the end of this year.

While these flickery ads are deemed spammy, digital marketers are investing in them as there are good reasons why they can help projects boom in little time and expenditure. What’s important to note is that you can achieve great results with all types of advertising out there as long as your strategy and campaigns are cohesive and resonate well with your audience. 

Benefits of Programmatic Ads

This type of advertisement is all about buying and optimizing digital campaigns with the use of AI and machine learning, therefore helping projects stay focused on their target audience and potential users.

Here are the top benefits:

High Return on Investment (ROI)

By widening the exposure of your project, the chances of reaching a wider audience and increasing the conversion rate are higher. This is why is considered that your ROI is most likely to improve substantially.

Increased Control and Transparency

Programmatic advertising enables transparency between the advertiser and the publisher as the two parties are aware of who is buying the ads and where they are displayed. 

Greater Ad Efficiency

Advertisers not only know where their ads will be displayed but how and when, allowing them to gain more control over the exposure of their ads and therefore their efficiency.

Wider Audience Reach

As mentioned before, this type of ad works well when the target audience is identified, as it’s meant to reach them in a short period of time. 

How Does It Work?

Initiating the Advertiser-Publisher Relationship

A programmatic advertising platform is where you can see what websites sell ad slots. To buy any of these slots, advertisers need to touch base with the platform and give an inventory or proposal line items. This is often where startups need guidance to not only choose the websites that are relevant to their target audience but also in crafting the inventory, which contains extra information needed to initiate the negotiation with the publisher.

Finding the Most Relevant Websites

Be it programmatic mobile ads, native ads or any other of its many forms, millions of websites are registered for the selling of slots in the past years. Ad networks emerged to compress those websites into easily accessible pools for advertisers to find websites that are relevant to their campaigns or products. But these intermediaries and their costly services have slowly been replaced by ad exchanges, which are data-driven platforms setting the price for the inventory through real-time bidding.

With the abolishment of intermediaries, now advertisers can see for themselves the list of available websites and get in touch with well-reputed publishers through ad exchanges. But before getting into programmatic ad strategies, make sure you truly understand who your audience is. So don’t hesitate to double-check in with experts from AmaZix.

Advertising shouldn’t be a gamble so contact us and let your crypto project reach heights using state-of-the-art marketing tools.


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