Professional Community Management, what is it?

In our previous article, we have spoken about the role of a Community Manager. With that role in mind, this article will go over how a Professional Community Management team will help your community grow.

Professional Community Management

How a Professional Community Management team motivates a community

Professional Community Management, whether it is web 3 or not, requires one important thing we like to call, Real Time Engagement.

Real Time Engagement means live engagement with the community.”

There are several elements when steering toward success, and at AmaZix, we have worked with hundreds of projects, and we have participated in myriad of approaches. Some led to success, others did not, but we have seen time and again that, Real Time Engagement is what keeps your audience engaged.

“If nobody is there to engage with your audience in real time, they will seek that elsewhere.”

Professional Community Management allows for an organic community to grow. This is the only way to create advocates for your brand. Advocates are a fundamental part of a community, they are encouraging during hard times, and vocal during the good. But you will only find advocates through properly managing your community via real time engagement. Properly managing your community will result in genuine conversation, and until your community reaches that stage, there must be someone for users to talk to. If there is not someone to engage with right away, your audience will seek it elsewhere.

Discord or Telegram, human behavior is constant.

Even with Professional Community Management, dealing with a multitude of people is never easy. For every person in your community that is a delight to engage with, there are ten times that which are not. Unfortunately, the nature of online communities encourage the loud and obnoxious behavior that many suppress in the real world. Online and unattended, a genuine stream of conversation will be quickly derailed by someone looking for attention. An experienced Community Manager can identify these users from early on, and a professional community management team will identify users who are there to support the protocol. This intelligence is vital, at AmaZix it is documented and shared to those that can act on it.

When does a Professional Community Management team operate?

As it is with the Web3 space, decentralization is important for our online communities. Communities that are organic, do not have limited hours. In our digital age, a community should not limit their operating hours. A healthy community is monitored 24/7 because it is open for Real Time Engagement. With today’s audience, the average attention span has dramatically reduced over the recent years. So when you connect with someone in real time, you catch them when they are motivated, and that is when we can act on the opportunity.

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