Just Launched Your Crypto Startup? Learn How to Position It From the Beginning

You’ve just finished launching your crypto startup after many months of hard work, and you want your niche to know everything about your company but don’t know where to start? What you need is to establish a customized marketing plan as soon as possible.

Having an optimized marketing plan tailored to your company’s needs is a competitive advantage in such a young industry that will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Wouldn’t you love your target audience to identify what your crypto startup brings to the ecosystem quickly? Here at AmaZix, we can help you build a strong community and have an optimized exposure strategy from day one. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know to make your crypto startup different from the rest.

Three Reasons Why Your Project Needs to Follow a Customized Crypto Marketing Strategy Since Day One

We know that once you launch your project, the most important thing to focus on is further developing and inspecting your project’s performance. Still, a car needs a perfect engine to compete and needs other essential elements to be in ideal conditions like the gearbox, the transmission, the brakes, etc. 

The same happens with a crypto startup that has just been born or has very little time to stand out.

One of the fundamental pillars is setting and executing a customized marketing strategy that can make your company effectively communicate its message and build a loyal customer base around it. 

Here are some reasons why you need it.

Be in Front of Your Audience When They Need You

According to Hubspot, 49% of people use Google to discover or find information about a product or service. The best way to achieve this is to align a different crypto marketing strategy to make your company visible to your audience on Google. Nevertheless, if you don’t do this right, your company could end up spending a lot of money without getting to your potential clients and belong to the 50.33% of searches on Google now end without a click on a result.

Attract Customers, Convert Them Into Fans

The heart of any crypto startup is the people who use your product or services, but it’s not enough to have as many of them as you can. You need to make your faithful followers out of them, and the best way to build a solid fan base is by developing a community. Your users need to feel that the company belongs to them.The natural habitat where this happens is social media platforms, where 73% of all companies use them to increase the acquisition of new customers.

Communicate Efficiently Who You Are

Your clients not only need your crypto startup to communicate the benefits and features that your product/service has for them on the different platforms, but this strategy also needs to be complemented with a defined way of how you’ll talk to your clients. 

Define a tone of voice, use expressions relevant to you and your brand, answer your client’s doubts,  quickly and transform complex problems into manageable solutions. These are some important things your company needs to do to project professionalism and make your company’s values your trademark. In AmaZix, we’ve helped many companies like yours to accomplish these goals. Let us assist you too to achieve them right away.

The Crypto Startup Ecosystem Is Still a Very Young Industry, Take Advantage of It Now!

The crypto industry was born 11 years ago when Bitcoin was created on blockchain technology. That is the moment a brand new world opened up where little by little, people started to discover the new horizons it offered and apply these opportunities in different sectors of the economy. Industries like supply chain and banking were the first to implement blockchain technology. Here is a summary of the evolution of the crypto startup market:

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/730876/cryptocurrency-maket-value/

However, it was only in 2017 (when the price of bitcoin reached an all-time high of 20,000) that the crypto industry began to flourish. Many companies were created in different sectors such as exchanges, multi-currency wallets, trading platforms, DeFi, NFT, insurance, etc. — and pioneered completely new niches. 

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room to develop crypto initiatives that will improve existing products and innovate by creating new ones. This will make any effort put in your crypto marketing strategy significantly impact the sector as the positioning is inherently easier due to the low competition in this young industry.   

Take advantage of this and let us help you position your company the way your company deserves.

AmaZix Wants to Be Your Ally to Stand Out From the Rest

Now that you know how your clients perceive your project, let us tell you more about AmaZix’s crypto marketing services that will boost your company’s potential:

In AmaZix, we know how to make your company stand out in the crypto ecosystem. Join us today and enjoy the benefits!


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