Organic Community, how to create it

What makes an Organic Community special? It is that moment, when an organized community sees genuine members engage. It is then, a Community Manager is nearly invisible, albeit reading every message, and they step in only at the right opportunity. This is not due to laziness of the Community Manager, it is the result of successful community organization.

community organization

At AmaZix, to organize your community into a self-sustaining network without the need for an agency, is our ultimate goal. However, we advise that you take the organic approach to achieve it. By posting blogs and social media content, scheduling time for live interaction with your community, and most importantly completing roadmap milestones, these steps will build trust in the community, and ultimately help you find your audience. Until that evolution is complete, Professional Community Management is required.

“Can I get 20,000 community members?”

There are many such cases, an advisor recommends a number of community members, or you are in discussion with a Launchpad that requires engagement metrics. So you search, and receive different rates for different demographics. However, all packages come with the same issues. Bounty hunters, airdrop seekers, scammers, many bots, and a low conversion rate. Not only that, but you have welcomed an opposing force to your community, a crisis that could have easily been averted. Only there to flip a dollar, rather than participate in your vision. The ROI is not worth it, no one can buy an audience, it will not work long term. At AmaZix, we advise patience, we know the organic approach works.

“No secret, an Organic Community is a Successful Community.”

A successful community will always start organically. Everyone joins for the product. That means they will be active, that means they see a vision, and that means they believe. User retention is much stronger. These users will be in your community talking amongst each other, and it is among them where we will find the right advocates for your project.

A project that actively shares updates, achieves roadmap milestones, and schedules time to directly interact with their community, will see organic growth. We know this because we worked with organized communities, chaotic communities, and everything in between, and so we know there is no short cut to success.

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