Why Crypto Speculation Can’t Be Discussed in Public Chats

Blockchain companies use messaging apps like Telegram and Discord to offer live updates and circulate information about their projects. 

As discussions undoubtedly happen in those chats, it is important to moderate them and terminate any menacing statements such as crypto speculation between chat members. Why?

Positive Atmosphere vs. Speculative Talk

Creating a positive environment while allowing price discussions is almost impossible to achieve. A strong community cannot be subject to constant sways in discussions. When the project is gaining in value, the discussions will be predominantly positive, but when the token price is going down, the tone of voice in a chat can quickly change to an unwelcoming one.

This effectively takes away any control you might have over the discussion. 
And the worst? 

It could become a trigger for malicious intent from some of the members in the form of pump-and-dump schemes so prevalent in connection to crypto market speculations.

An Incentive for a Pump-and-Dump

Members spreading speculative information have the ability to encourage investors to take part in a pump-and-dump unknowingly and get unaware participants rug-pulled by the facilitator of such an event.

Source: https://crimesciencejournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s40163-018-0093-5/figures/1

As seen in the graph, just after the desired price is reached, the facilitator and his accomplices (usually) exit their positions, making the price of the asset drop. Unaware investors are at a loss when the others gain. It is a classic example of a rug pull.

This kind of behavior negatively influences the image of the project. Allowing crypto coin speculation in the official chat not only exposes the members to imaginary expectations, but it compromises the roadmap timeline and authenticity of the project, too. 

Not to mention the slew of regulatory concerns speculation poses.

Possible Regulatory Issues

Whilst the crypto space is still globally unregulated, this does not mean that speculatory talk cannot be regulated. Although maintaining a positive atmosphere and an environment where ideas can be discussed is a core objective of community management, it is also important to be aware that regulatory bodies might operate retroactively.
As crypto market speculation might be damaging to smaller crypto projects, it can also be a threat to bigger cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as was evident in the example of Tesla. Those kinds of unregulated activities impact the blockchain ecosystem on different levels. 

As the crypto world does not submit to rules yet, it is important to create parameters that help in maintaining a healthy, safe space for crypto communities

One way to accomplish this is by assigning moderators to keep an eye out for potentially dangerous, cryptocurrency speculation. Until this space is not regulated, it is better to err on the side of caution when the project’s chat is involved.

Maintaining both communication channel order and a welcoming atmosphere is a difficult task. Banning any speculatory talk might not only be a proficient way of ensuring that, but also of protecting the well-being of the project’s image alongside the safety of the users.

 Crypto speculations do not contribute to the future of the project, so there is no viable reason to ever allow them.

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