NFT marketing, here is what you can do for free.

“How to market an NFT for Free?”

From our research, we have learned that one of the most common questions from NFT creators, is “How to market an NFT for Free?”. While digital ads will always require a budget in order to bid on keywords, there are other tasks you can do on your own at no cost. This blog is a brief on what you can start that will help the marketing efforts for your NFT in the most budget conscious and effective way

NFT marketing

NFT Marketing: Networking

Focus on meetups and social media. Many founders we talk to delegate social media tasks, so they can focus on their specialty. This is fine for your official brand account, however, founders perceived as thought leaders have a higher rate of success. We can both agree this doesn’t mean you are shilling your project on Twitter, or Discord, but it does mean you are attending, and contributing to the discussion online or in real life. When you begin to forge a reputation in space, your network will quickly grow. Growth comes from an open mind, so you must be willing to take on new topics and relationships.

This also means collaborations with other artists, and teaming up with other creators and projects. Going to local crypto/NFT events will help you get in touch with key people in the industry. If you’re after a low/no cost option, you can find many communities in different metaverses, social media apps, and of course, online forums.

NFT Marketing: Create content

Tweets and blogs is the standard for content. Often founders will hire a copywriter, however, at the early stages that may not be necessary. Expressing your objective, articulating the problem it will solve are concepts that come natural to founders.

NFT Marketing: SEO

Ranking on Google is like a game, and every game has rules. Understanding those rules will help optimize your website’s rank. Free tools like yoast will help your content adhere to those rules. There are paid tools like SEMrush that will help identify your audience (most of them have a free trial). Although, categorizing headers and curating backlinks may seem like rudimentary work, doing it yourself will help you economically. The earlier this is done, the better you will understand where you should focus your efforts.

NFT Marketing: Website Listings

There are many types of websites out there (aside from exchanges), that you will want to get listed on. There are indexes, data driven dashboards, wikis, and many other platforms that will put your product onto their website. Although this is not a marketing campaign, it is a way for the website to start building reputable backlinks. The most popular website listings require a fee, however, many are free, which you can easily start with until you have a budget.

Free community driven tools:

Create a Dune dashboard for data on your smart contract – Dune
Fill out a wiki page – | Largest Blockchain & Crypto Encyclopedia |
Create a liquidity pool for your NFT on – NFT20

There is plenty to do for free to help market an nft, so remember, as your community grows; share your progress, keep them updated, and maintain communications with your valuable community members who may one day be your advocates. If you nail this, you’ll enjoy organic and sustained growth, which has the most effective conversion rate and ROI.

If this is the sort of expertise you are in need of, we at AmaZix are ready to talk. Reach out to us via our contact us page – Contact – AmaZix