NFC Summit – an exciting week with 5 events!

AmaZix was once more present at the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon! After the amazing experience last year, we certainly couldn’t miss out on this year’s NFC Summit.

NFC Summit

This time, the organisation decided to do it in an even bigger and better way. The usual NFC programming became known as NFC Summit, encompassing 5 different events in the same venue.

NFC Summit


Part of the premises of the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes was taken over by the MEMECON. Here, discussions on the latest memecoin craze were held, with interesting panels highlighting the role of a side of crypto that’s often the target of generalised mockery. However, there are certainly real builders and strong communities on this side of crypto!

NFC Summit

Ordinals Lisbon

The top floor was taken over by Ordinals Lisbon, hosted by the magnificent Pizza Ninjas team. They had a bar and a balcony with a nice view on the same room! Pizza Ninjas were also responsible for interesting side events, such as Pool Party on the day before the main event. The Ordinals stage focused on people that understood that Bitcoin is still a platform where it is interesting to build upon. Speakers there discussed what sort of innovation is being brought to this chain, primarily spawned from Ordinals themselves.

Ordinals Lisbon

R3D Carpet

The R3D Carpet was another innovation, bringing AI generated movies to the big screen at the main stage. Last, but not least, the beach parties on the last day, in partnership with the MOGA Festival!

Overall, panels had the quality we were used to from last year. Interesting discussions were held on topics like artist royalties, in the Lightning stage, to art as a form of protest on the Main stage, along with many fashion related topics, on a stage that was in the centre of the main hall.

Once again, the mainstage had huge screens on all walls, making quite an impression, and bringing pictures to life during times like the Photo Lab Curation keynote

There were several other attractions in the halls, along with the booths, namely the Fiat Funeral… which was quite literally a funeral of the dreaded fiat currency!

Fiat Funeral

To top it all off, wonderful side events were hosted throughout the week. From top notch events such as the Ferrum Network VIP Yacht Party, down to smaller but very good events such as the Crypto Friday on The Block. There was a bit of everything for everyone and we hopped on and off of these, making new connections and great memories.

Here’s to more next year, as we hope to be back at what we believe to be one of the best crypto events taking place!