MobileBridge Momentum: Fixing Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Customers have fallen out of love with marketing. That’s the truth, whether either side chooses to admit it or not. And just like the jilted lover, marketers are struggling to repair the broken relationship.

Traditional marketing — when you strip away the overtures of results in terms of sales conversions and profit margins — has always been stuck in a business-centric approach. Of course, creating business growth and increasing sales are key indicators of success but marketing has always relied on making brands look good, with a focus on recognizability and awareness.

The Wall Street Journal believes that old school marketers are missing out on what it calls “a Generation of ‘Unreachables’ ” — simply because they have fallen out of touch with where their consumption is (mobile and internet, which are difficult to capture data from on traditional measurement systems).

But more importantly, it is the old approach of traditional marketing that is the problem. The constant bombardment of uni-directional messaging with no recompense for the consumer.

And this abrasive approach no longer works. Customers are a savvy bunch of people now, highly aware and with easy access to information. They no longer appreciate being bombarded by marketing and advertising, they no longer want to sit through network commercials and broadcast ads.

Customers now want to see value in giving their attentions to a business. They want to engage with the brands they love. They want to maintain control over the data and information they provide.

Simply put… they want to be loved back.

MobileBridge Momentum (MMTM): Not just new tricks for old dogs

Our partner, MobileBridge Momentum (MMTM), proposes to take on these old problems of marketing on their obvious failures.

First, it recognizes that consumers are moving away from traditional channels and onto newer channels like mobile. Consumers prioritize convenience, unrestricted information and influence — through their mobile phones as an extension of their busy lives. But mobile is where data and behaviour is simply not being captured by existing methods — meaning that marketers know very little about the modern consumer.

MobileBridge’s software is capable of doing just that, with a combination of sophisticated data analytics, mobile messaging, geo-location, personalization and loyalty features to allow companies to target customers and get better results.

It’s a working product too, with the likes of Burger King, Pirelli, Dansk Supermarket in Denmark, Volkswagen have all used MobileBridge with great success, gaining customers that bring in more revenue and are more loyal.

Deriving value from the customer-company relationship

Customers are now recognized as the most natural heir to the title of brand advocates, and why not? They are the users of the brand, they are the ones generating revenue for the brand, they are the ones who can speak best and most accurately about the brand, its values, its products.

But no one will be the loyal partner in the relationship unless it gives them back something in return.

And MobileBridge understands that customers who will be loyal brand ambassadors will require more real value, true transparency and security in their value and data.

Customers will happily give attention, share data and time but only if they can see value for this — either through improved experiences or monetary incentives. They will also require transparency over how earnings are distributed, how information is used, to establish and build trust in the relationship. And finally, customers want all that earnings and all that information to be secure and safe from unauthorised use and access.

MobileBridge believes that its blockchain-based solution, powered by its own crypto token, is the tool that will usher in a new way marketing and customer loyalty. This solution at once rewards consumers for contributions towards effective marketing, stores user and marketing data securely and transparently, while for the first time allow brands to harness deep marketing insights previously unattainable.

The whitelist for the Momentum token sale is now open. To register, or to learn more about the new Momentum of marketing and loyalty, visit the MobileBridge website and read its whitepaper for full details of the technology.

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