How to Effectively Manage and Leverage Social Media for Your Blockchain Project

Effectively managing and leveraging social media for your blockchain project is a big step towards coherent growth. 

According to statistics, there have been 3.96 billion active social media users in 2020. And the numbers are increasing. 

That’s why, from small to large businesses, everyone is active on social media to reach more people. No doubt about it, it gives a significant advantage to your brand’s digital presence. 

What Is Blockchain Social Media?

Blockchain gained significant popularity in the past few years. But it becomes a hotter topic when the word “decentralization” is used. This refers to the decentralization of social media management platforms. 

It was big news when people realized that no particular institution controls the data that contributed to the activities stored on the blockchain. In simple words, the bigger the increase in decentralized data, the greater capacity to hold that data by the user. 

In the context of blockchain business application, it is a big advantage for data storage and gaining more consumer trust. When a user looks for specific information in the decentralized process, it is collected from every storage device in the network and put together on the user’s device. 

The Link Between Blockchain and Social Media Management

Privacy of Information

Facebook is not only about posts — people talk to each other through Messenger. WhatsApp is all about conversions. Taking pictures and talking on Snapchat — all these social media platforms collect your data. 

From the first time you go in, you are giving away your privacy. Your actions on social media might be recorded. So, quite understandably,  it might cause people to lose trust in social media. Therefore, privacy matters at every level. 

However, blockchain technology enables the establishment of private channels of communication between individuals. This is the next level of online privacy.

Payment Privacy

Online payment is not a new thing — and hasn’t been for a while now. If you think that social media platforms like Facebook keep a record of your transactions and are not satisfied with the way they’re managing this information, you may want to stay away from such technology due to trust issues. 

And with good reason — no one should be privy to the way you spend your money unless you want it that way. However, blockchain is poised to reduce this type of concern if introduced to the payments landscape. 

It protects your online payment information on social media platforms by creating privacy. The technology makes it more comfortable using social media platforms. 

Eliminate the Share

There are lots of content producers on social media. But they share their earnings with third-person entities. In some cases, the total amount of their earnings through content creation may never even reach them. 

But with blockchain, third-person entities are eliminated. It is big news for content marketers. Moreover, it allows content creators to control where they want to publish content, which contributes to adding passive-income opportunities. 

Top 3 Key Elements to Leverage Social Media Platforms

Channel Selection and Management

One of the key elements for successfully leveraging social media is channel selection and management. Since it gives you insights into your target audience, their interests, behaviors, location, and much more, social media managers should be careful in choosing channels that would be suitable for their blockchain project to be able to successfully leverage social media campaigns. 

For example, you might use Facebook to engage with people who are part of the general public, employees, media, and journalists. On the other hand, you might like to use LinkedIn to engage professional contacts for business development or to promote your services. 

Your intent is crucial for choosing the right social media platforms for you, and that, in turn, will determine the results you get. 

Community Management

Another way to leverage social media platforms effectively is to employ community management. This might have a great impact on your blockchain company to get customer attention and increase your website traffic. 

Under the watchful eye of community managers, communities can engage in and even create meaningful and conversational content around the company’s products and services. As a result, this helps businesses to engage and maintain a long-term relationship with their customers and brand credibility. 

Content Marketing

Implementing content marketing is all about sharing helpful and useful information to your audience and encouraging them to buy your product or services through social media platforms or dedicated landing pages. 

Through blogs, podcasts, eBooks, whitepapers, or videos brands can gain customer trust and loyalty by offering unique and valuable content. This is one of the best strategies that most companies use to attract customers. 


Due to the current rapid growth of the blockchain space, social media has become a compulsory part of marketing for blockchain companies. 

That’s why AmaZix is one of the best social media management agencies for your blockchain company to effectively manage and leverage social media. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!