Mahmood Launches NFT Collection With AmaZix

If you don’t know who Mahmood is, now is a good time to remedy that mistake. 

Winner of the 69th annual Sanremo Music Festival who also reached 2nd place at Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 — Italian musician acclaimed worldwide — Mahmood is leading the charge of artists from the old continent dipping their toes into the brave new NFT music world. 

For this venture, Mahmood has released a new project named “Ghettolimpo“ and an exclusive collection of digital artwork created by Lettergram:

  • Six artist’s avatars: Inuyasha, Rapide, Dorado, Klan, Kobra, and Zero
  • Album logo
  • Teaser cover.

All of these are available as part of the exclusive offer on the official website and coming with a digital certificate of unique ownership. This NFT artwork is available for purchase with ETH or fiat currencies. The prices of Mahmood’s NFTs range from €99 for the Ghetto Wheel to €299 for the six characters, plus the open bid on the animated cover — and they come with a lot of perks!


Aside from the digital representation of Mahmood’s creative ideas in the NFT form, in fact, there are also physical goodies for all those Mahmood’s die-hard fans out there. These include six posters of the artist’s imagery, a custom T-shirt, autographed vinyl record, and a special edition audio cassette as part of the NFT music album package.


“I’ve always been interested in digital worlds,” said Mahmood, “and I was intrigued to try experimenting with NFTs: this is how the special animations for my characters on the album were created, taking on a new artistic and creative form.”

This novel way of Mahmood’s creative expression is supported by a number of blockchain and crypto professionals in an effort to enable the reach of wide new audiences with his innovative vision and artistic sentiment — AmaZix, Simbula, and Stefano Capaccioli law and accounting firms, respectively.


AmaZix, offered its extensive expertise as a blockchain marketing agency operating in the space since 2017, being in direct touch with world-changing concepts like DeFi, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and helping clients bring them closer to real-world uses by people everywhere. 

“Combining NFT technologies and Italian creativity in music and art required a considerable effort of the various teams who worked together on this operation. It was not easy to manage the many technical and regulatory challenges posed by this completely new medium,” testified Paolo Anziano, founder of AmaZix.

Massimo Simbula of Simbula Law firm, as part of the AmaZix Legal Advisory team, dealt with all aspects related to the new technologies, blockchain, and NFT artwork, as well as the critical issues underlying the protection of consumer rights and the relationships between the different players involved and the artist’s copyright issues.

Art Rights platform is an Italian art startup dealing with the management and certification of physical and digital work with blockchain technology. Since 2016, Art Rights and its founder Andrea Concas, through their constant support of artists, collectors, and professionals in the field, have created the largest Italian Art-Tech community.

“After the entry of art, the time has come for great music, and the NFT innovation opens new scenarios for collectibles, for fans of one of the greatest Italian artists Mahmood,” stated Andrea Concas, CEO of Art Rights.

We are proud to be part of this extraordinary NFT music project with Mahmood and other Italian professionals in the blockchain and art space and see it as the beginning of great music and creativity reaching people on a whole new level via new technologies. Are you excited?


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