Leveraging Strategic PR in Building a Sustainable Crypto Project

In this technologically advanced era, Public Relations is one of the most effective approaches for building a sustainable brand, and by that, we speak beyond crisis management and other misconceptions associated with the subject. 

However, while PR became highly sensational in the 21st century, it has historical roots pre-dating the Ancient Greece era when classical philosophers like Plato and Aristotle devised and wrote about the art of rhetoric in aiding public speaking. Essentially, these two organized private classes to help groom the persuading skills of public speakers.

Interestingly, nothing has changed about public relations – the technique and methodologies have evolved over the centuries to become more time-relevant, but modern PR establishments still focus on the art of impression and persuasion at their core.

That said, leveraging strategic public relations in building sustainable brands plays a vital role in a company’s public acceptability and mainstream adoption. 

In this context, not only do crypto projects need to prioritize public relations in the ground scheme of things, but also there is a need to leverage effective and strategic PR modalities, especially for short and long-term plans. 

Before we delve into what is required of a crypto project to thrive from the PR point of view, it is crucial to describe what strategic PR entails.

Understanding Strategic Public Relations

To begin with, let’s put aside the prefix “strategic” for a moment and focus on what Public Relations means and its role in driving a sustainable business. 

Contrary to the public misconception, PR entails the supervision and assessability of public attitudes and maintenance of mutual relations and understanding between an organization and the public, i.e., members of the society at all levels. 

Now, bringing back the “strategic” part to the equation, we are essentially saying achieving the above mission in a pattern tailored to an organization so that it can be easily distinguished.

To achieve this, the brand must employ the craftiness of in-house or marketing professionals like AmaZix in brainstorming, strategizing, planning, and executing customized PR strategies that ultimately help a brand achieve its PR goals and objectives.

But to what end? You may ask. By implementing tailored PR strategies, a brand can enjoy several benefits, including an established brand voice, unbiased feedback, the brand share of voice (SOV), organic sales, and so much more.

In general, strategic public relations strive to inform the public, which consists of prospective clients, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders, and ultimately persuade them to maintain a favorable perception of the company, its leaders, products, or political actions. So why is this important for a crypto brand?

Importance of Strategic PR In Building a Sustainable Crypto Project

First, it is no secret that trust is a critical attribute to anything that has to do with financial transactions, of which crypto payments are an extension. Sadly, cryptocurrency, alongside its underlying technology, has been presented as a “trustless” alternative to traditional systems. Although unintended and inaccurate, this is bad PR for all crypto projects.

The truth is that no one wants to isolate the trust factor from their finances, and using a ‘trustless’ system makes things worse, even when the intention is different. 

By adopting the “trustless” analogy in blockchain marketing, the creators meant to say end-users do not have to worry about trust in transacting, as everything will be on autopilot. But here we are, trying to defeat a growing crisis of crypto theft, scalability issues, price volatility, lack of regulatory parameters, and other setbacks, all of which contribute significantly to the demarketing of crypto-related projects.

While there are so many inaccuracies flying around within the crypto space, a crypto project must work hard to stand out and stay afloat, especially in the absence of a PR professional.

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