Launching a Crypto Airdrop? Boost Your Token Usage With an Integrated Marketing Strategy Now

For good reasons, there is a craze about receiving free tokens from a crypto airdrop — of course, who doesn’t like free stuff, especially tokens if the crypto world suits your fancy. But this practice of giving out free tokens has proven that although it pleases users to the core, it often doesn’t bring the expected success to the companies who launch airdrops.

How come such significant initiatives turn into lost crumbles instead of luscious cakes? 

Crypto Airdrops Are the Greatest Marketing Tool

Companies don’t just launch airdrops because they like to give their money away. The idea behind giving products out to the public is a classic marketing move that, while it initially generates uncompromised enthusiasm over a product or service, it also eventually increases the value of the offering through product awareness and positioning. 
And this is the same for tokens. A creative airdrop marketing campaign will increase the token’s value by generating enthusiasm and driving users to endorse your project publicly. Airdrops are not only a method to link users to your product at all, but this technique, if well-executed, can save you a lot of money on advertising as it is a great tool to gain exposure on a vast scale, too.

Airdrops are generally introduced for two reasons:

  • Launch of a new ERC-20 token that represents a new airdrop marketing campaign
  • Advertise of blockchain split (when blockchain gets forked and split into two separate chains).

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to this hype. Many airdrops are usually scams, and they ultimately intend to collect users’ personal information — including their wallet’s private key. After all, not all that glitters is gold.
And when they are scams and not well-intended marketing strategies, companies put much emphasis on the promotion of the airdrop itself rather than on the usefulness and value of the project together, assuming that an intense promotion of the airdrop will automatically increase the token’s value and endorse a higher price for it. 
A customized marketing strategy should encourage users to stay faithful to the community past the crypto airdrop. Missing this point will simply undervalue the tokens, encouraging token-holders to sell them quickly once the brief excitement over the airdrop is gone.

An airdrop campaign that enhances the values of your company more than the benefits of the airdrop alone can bring you much more than brief advertising — this is why.

3 Reasons to Implement an Airdrop Strategy Now

Popularity, awareness, and investment are all you need to start well-off in the blockchain world, and you get these benefits from an airdrop campaign. 


Without the freedom to launch a Google Ads campaign as you would in any other industry, you will need to find other methods to perform an outstanding token marketing strategy and reach the right audience.   

Today’s airdrop strategy is about connecting with as many companies and individuals as possible to establish a base of active users who can eventually turn into actual customers. Here, the main point is to spread the gospel about your project and generate a network effect. It’s your chance to become notable among blockchain leaders.


Ideally, users who have participated in the airdrop should keep the tokens in their wallets to make their price rise. Subsequently, give the possibility of being able to swap it in an exchange. 

You want users to stay interested in crypto token sales, and for that, you need to progressively increase their value so users, once they get them, opt to accumulate instead of trading the tokens right away.


As an initial coin offering (ICO), an airdrop is also a strategy to attract investors and encourage them to hold onto your project’s token. This is only possible, or genuinely possible, when the project stands for a clear idea with potential for sustained economic growth.  

Airdrops can bring substantial benefits for your company if well-devised crypto token marketing is supporting it. 

So, how to implement the right strategy?

You Need an Airdrop Strategy

AmaZix helps crypto companies expand their network with a well-thought-out marketing plan, and bolsters the interaction and engagement with your target audience. With an airdrop-specialized crew, your airdrop won’t be a passing craze but a coin to stay. 

Make your token go viral with a customized marketing strategy tailored only for you. 


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