Internet and the scaling issue

Scaling is arguably one of the most hotly leveraged terms in blockchain technology. The Bitcoin network experienced periods of congestion in 2016 and 2017, prompting long delays and spiking transaction fees as transactions queued up to be confirmed by miners. This was seen by some as a potentially fatal failure of the world’s most-used cryptocurrency to scale — its ability to grow in capacity outmatched by demand and usage.

But to put things in perspective, scaling has always been an issue of debate for one of the oldest modern technologies we all use: the internet. From Usenet in the late 1980s, to email attachments and the world wide web in the 1990s, then from VOIP and streaming content — the internet continues to struggle to keep up with the bandwidth hunger of the world and one day could literally break…

Net neutrality under threat, and why we should be concerned

…at least that’s the argument of internet service providers (ISPs) who want us to believe that we need to give them more control over the internet’s infrastructure. Something that its current state, which is open to all, cannot allow.

In the US, the net neutrality repeal late last year came as a huge blow to those who advocate for and protect equal access to information. In effect, if ISPs regulate the way people access information over the internet, we’re looking at a world where we’d be:

– paying more for different content deemed as more exclusive or more “data heavy” by ISPs;

– experiencing slower access to, or in some cases even be restricted from, certain sites as decided by ISPs;

– seeing prioritized content, paid by advertisers to ISPs, instead of relevant content.

Notice how we’re already experiencing some or all of the above?

Using ISPX to keep your internet the way it was meant to be

As a consumer, you may not have the ability to influence the outcomes of political issues like the net neutrality repeal in the US, or how much power your government gives to ISPs in your location.

Most internet users by now will already know of various ways to get around ISP restrictions, by using Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses, by which users are identified when accessing the internet) from other countries. But the current methods of sharing, buying or renting are difficult to verify in terms of safety and effectiveness.

But with the solution proposed by our partner, IP Exchange (IPSX), you get to choose from a wide variety of IP addresses provided by global Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and data centers, whether you need it for a few seconds or for an entire year.

As a user, you can share or rent out your device’s IP on the IPSX exchange platform, earning IPSX tokens in exchange, which you can then use to rent other IPs from other countries, should you require.

As a data center, you can share all your idle IP addresses for rental. As a VPN, you can integrate with IPSX to boost your IP availability to meet client demands.

With IPSX as a global decentralized marketplace for sharing IP addresses over a distributed network layer, as well as a framework to build reliable and open source applications that require IPs, IPSX is the smart contract-based, blockchain protocols and utility token that is what Web 3.0 will look like one day.

The IPSX token sale recently concluded on March 5th, 2018, raising more than 9,500 ETH, with over 1.7 billion IPSX tokens sold and distributed.

The IPSX team will be at the Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit in Dubai on March 19th, where its co-founders Sergiu Drăgănuș and George Bunea will be doing a case study presentation for the IPSX IP sharing solution. To schedule a meeting, drop a line at

Follow the latest with IPSX on Medium and Telegram.

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