Follow These Two Steps to Ensure that Everyone Is Aware of Your Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

More than 10,700 cryptocurrencies and tokens interact today in the crypto ecosystem. This represents the extraordinary development of the industry and the colossal amount of projects that it has brought to life —  many of which were launched via an initial coin offering (ICO).

And that is because ICO is the most popular method to launch a token. Together with their unique capacity to attract worldwide investors, flexible regulations have made ICO-tokens the new fashion. But that doesn’t mean that overcoming the initial phase to establish your token is to be underestimated by the virality of the method. 
It turns out that a significant number of initial coin offering companies have had a hard time overcoming this first step, mainly because tokens are devoid of clarity regarding the ideas or services they address or, worse, because they are fraudulent. Nevertheless, attracting backers to undefined products is a lost battle for anyone.
To formulate your ideas and generate the best impact on the audience with your token — keep reading.

Why Promoting Your Token via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Can Be Complicated

90% of tokens or cryptocurrencies that launch via ICOs fail. Considering that that is a substantial figure to digest, there are valid reasons for the near-total failure it stands for. 

Given the volatility of the crypto space, the amounts of money and investors it can stir in and out, and the lack of regulations, many opportunists have been brought to launch their tokens by ICO based on speculation. As expected, the result is: many coins go viral even though their technological foundations and market niche are questionable, if not deplorable.

For these reasons, initial coin offering investments have two obstacles against their promotion tools.

Poor Reputation

According to Investopedia, 80% of ICOs are considered “scams” by investors and regulators. Since coin offerings are tainted with great suspicion, shareholders dare to invest only small amounts of money, making it difficult for this type of investment to succeed on a large scale.

Technological Challenges

The crypto sector is in constant flux, extending and adapting to different niches, making it unpredictable. This feature fascinates users, as its self-regulatory mechanism is genuinely one of a kind. However, its volatile nature brings downsides, too.

For example, suppose a company launches an initial coin offering token today in the decentralized finance (DeFi) niche. In that case, it is implied that the product is meant to attain specific goals over time. However, the evolution of DeFi is so fast that today’s products must adapt to new trends in a few months — even weeks — making the purpose of the product vulnerable to becoming irrelevant unless compliance to the market’s pace occurs. 
Rapid mutation in trends, demand and financial and technological development fosters recognizing your organization’s expertise quickly. With that, a landscape bulged with instability for businesses to find their way through (even on a high-performing initial coin offering platform). 
The chart below summarizes the life cycle — at its best, for it tends to be relatively short-lived.

Source: Medium

Launching your token via ICO and driving people to use it widely is a process much more challenging than you might have thought at first. ICO tokens require, among others, a personalized “website listing” service, and it is here where it starts to get complicated.

Boost Your Initial Coin Offering Token Through “Website Listing”

Web listing is a promotional strategy customized for each company. It essentially features companies in determining platforms that promote specific products or services. Moving away from the negative aspects that ICO has been associated with, here are two excellent reasons why your investment, well-thought-out and executed, is a great choice.

Building a Solid Online Reputation

Website listing has been a long-standing method — decades have passed since the first time they were used. Didn’t people use to get listed to find their better half, too? The promotion was done by listing services and products in local directories.

In today’s initial coin offering companies, advertising stands at a borderless level, allowing anyone around the globe to acquire your services or demand your products — and it is the crypto space that has nourished and polished the foundations of this business archetype.

However, it is not because of the possibility to offer your service line worldwide but because of the reputation you and your services have earned that will activate a corresponding response in demand for your initial coin offering. And it is because we are living in a very physically displaced world that reputation has become the ultimate pointer for a company’s success. The chart below offers some of the factors that influence and define your company’s overall reputation.

Source: Cutting Edge PR

Get Qualified Leads Faster

Business directories increase companies’ exposure to potential clients and markets that are otherwise hard to reach. Not only does an online ICO listing platform bring traffic to your website, but it also ensures that the users landing on your page are the most relevant to your niche. 

It enables visitors to recognize your organization’s expertise quickly, and since there has been remarkable synchrony between demand and specialized offer, the chances that they become clients are very high.
Even if that doesn’t happen, your company will still get an influx of website visitors, enhancing your online presence. Nothing to lose. But for this, web listing needs to be done minutely so its benefits can manifest thoroughly — and AmaZix knows how to turn gifts into realities.

Your Token Is Two Steps Away From Being Known by the Entire Crypto Ecosystem

AmaZix is well-known for helping initial coin offering companies fortify their online reputation through web listing services. By driving qualified clients to your website, our services will ultimately increase your sales while earning your clients in the long term. 

Growth of web traffic means visibility, visibility means web positioning, and web position translates in prestige and reliability. AmaZix is all in to foster this nonreversible cycle of attraction, and it is up to you to let us spread the word in unity with a holistic ICO marketing strategy.
Our web listing service includes:

  • Listing site analysis: Depending on your company’s niche, we create an overview of all available paid listing services to determine what fits your project best.
  • Getting listed: Don’t worry; we will handle communication with the listing portals to ensure that your project is promoted rightfully and extensively throughout the most relevant online channels.

Website listing — if you didn’t think of it now, you know that that’s what your initial coin offering token needs to reach the right audience. Make it happen with AmaZix now!


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