How to Identify Real Admins in a Crypto Community?

Telegram and Discord are the most commonly used chatting apps to host a crypto community. Here enthusiasts are constantly updated on the newest developments of a project in an understandable way

If the space is unmoderated, or poorly so, it could invite unwelcome visitors. Needless to say, people who take on the fake identity of the admin and try to manipulate other members of the community are a serious threat.

Who Is a Real Admin?

Admins are people who care for the comfort of other community members. A Telegram admin is responsible for the upkeep of the Terms of Service (ToS) of the chat and makes sure that the rules of what can be allowed in the space and what should be banished are applied. 

They are keeping the community safe and engaged in the project’s life through the messaging channels. They can be distinguished by their “admin” tag in the top right corner of their messages.

A Telegram channel admin won’t ask for credit card details, personal data, or any passwords. They are there to help and will never request any personal information.

How to Recognize a Fake Admin?

Scammers are orbiting around a variety of chats, looking for their entry point to an unaware community. 

Apart from the admin chat tag, seeing the common groups between admins and the users is one of the additional ways of making sure that this is a legit moderator. However, if a fake Telegram admin manages to get the unaware user to join his fake group, they will have the same groups in common as well. It is through the combination of fake admin recognition tools, that the user will have some certainty whether the admin is a real Community Manager, or just another impostor. They will have an easier time choosing who to trust.

Recognizing Admins Through a Bot

On AmaZix moderated cryptocurrency groups, the user has the ability to check whether a user is a legitimate AmaZix admin or not. They just need to forward the message of the presumed admin to @amazix_mod_bot (AmaZix Moderation Bot), and they will get the confirmation they need. The bot has the list of every AmaZix admin, and is able to further authenticate their position within the community. 

Establishing trust between the Community Managers and cryptocurrency groups is important, and through markers like the ones presented above, the users will have an easier time deciding who to trust.

Potential Threats of Fake Admins

Fortunately, distinguishing between real and fake admins in crypto communities is possible, and by using the aforementioned methods, chat members evade the danger that fake admins pose.


Scams are the most obvious reason why fake admins cause disarray in community chats. Unaware members might trust the words of someone in power which results in unforeseen consequences. The scammer is the one who profits, while the crypto community and the project’s image suffer. Scammer behavior can be noticed in the example provided by Pundi X. By exposing the scammers’ tactics, Pundi X illustrated how to distinguish between a fake project representative, and a real one.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD)

It isn’t also uncommon for admin impersonators to use the FUD tactic. The trusting chat can get swayed by emotions employed by someone who is supposed to care and protect for it. Playing with the minds of project followers is an unethical and damaging activity. Chat members shouldn’t feel like they are on hostile territory, fighting off fearful thoughts injected into their minds by a fake Telegram admin who doesn’t have their best interest in mind. 

Misinformation and Misleading Links

Through gaining the communities trust, the fake admins can spread misinformation, give misleading links and invite to outside groups, where they can use the unaware chat member even more. The details of a wallet, unsolicited transactions, and loss of funds — all of those could be caused by falling for a phishing attempt. Without chat management, potential threats could change into real ones.

A crypto community is a place where members need to feel safe. They want to get educated about the latest developments in the crypto space, voice their opinions, and not worry about their safety in yet another place on the Internet. If a fake admin infiltrates such an environment, they could pose a real danger. Scams, FUD tactics, and misleading links are tactics that jeopardize not only the chat members but also the project itself.

Here at AmaZix, we shield crypto communities from admin impersonators. Our Community Management service provides your community with the care and security it deserves. 


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