How to Identify the Crypto Community Profile to Have Loyal Customers

It’s important to understand the importance of developing communities of supporters when making a cryptocurrency or blockchain startup. And it’s important to understand that the specific target audience for a growing crypto startup is as different from other startups’ target audiences as cryptocurrency is from fiat. 
Crypto enthusiasts are notably hungry for knowledge, curious, idealistic, and self-taught. And they’re understandably distrustful, from likely having been burned before in the wide open and incipient world of crypto. Although this understanding is important, it’s not all you need to know to find supporters for your startup.

God Isn’t the Only Thing in the Details — Crypto Startup Success Is, Too

Although it’s tempting to appeal to everyone that could possibly support your startup, it’s actually much better to seek out your true community base and appeal to them exclusively. In this sense, getting the most detailed portrait of your target community member is essential. Your understanding and engagement of the target member need to be as intensive as the broadening of your community needs to be extensive. 

Helpful details can be as specific as knowing the location of your growing audience for the sake of scheduling and knowing when to be present most. Likewise, it’s important to know what specific interests potential users have, even the kinds of TV shows they watch. 

A crypto startup with a B2B focus should also consider details about businesses potentially using your services, such as whether it’s a startup itself and who are the right people to target for maximum results. Moreover, it’s as useful to learn about users on competitors’ sites as it is your own users. 

Meeting Needs Rather than Creating Them


When it comes to startup success, multiple sources show the superiority of providing features that meet existing needs over providing features that seek a need. 

Success doesn’t just come from understanding (potential) supporters’ needs, either — it also comes from understanding the real benefits your crypto startup offers and the challenges your supporters face. When you research and analyze users who ask about the same benefits on social media and question-and-answer platforms, you’ll be able to get the kind of detail you need, such as age group, gender and industry

And finding your people mustn’t be done passively. Direct engagement in crypto communities and social media platforms takes research to the next level. It doesn’t just motivate current and potential supporters, it also gives you a chance to see how the demographic factors you’ve identified match who’s really interested in what your crypto startup is doing. Hence, you can find and address the most specific personas to represent your prototypical supporters.

Pity the Fools Not Using the Tools

Google Analytics, social media insight tools, and SEO are key to getting your message out to supporters, but they’re also great for finding out what your supporters are like. For example, such tools are useful for social listening, which is tracking social media platforms for mentions and conversations connected to your concern and analyzing them. This then leads to engagement with those doing the mentioning, posting and commenting.

Now, there’s using tools, and then there’s utilizing experts to use them — and getting a lot more for it. When you employ a crypto marketing agency such as AmaZix, you paint engaged personas with a fine brush as well as use the broad strokes of proven marketing methods to make your startup masterpiece complete.

Moreover, AmaZix’s 75 years of combined professional experience in marketing, financial, business, and legal sectors will make sure your message is articulated where and when it should be. Our marketing experts will take the essential characteristics of developing a successful startup and tailor them to its needs, strategically, through all available modern marketing tools and then some. 

Building communities around your crypto startup is a breeze through AmaZix, too, including live chat support and 24/7 moderation of community engagement and social media channels. Built and monitored communities include AmaZix’s value-added proprietary Moderation Bot, which offers 24/7 scam and spam protection with a saturation-level series of features at free and premium tiers.

We know that once you find supporters and engage them, you’ll need to keep them reminded of the benefits your business creates and stands to create for them. We’re also experts in using analytics to stay on top of a startup’s progress, with targeted viral campaigns to expand your social media community and increase your product’s audience. We even provide PR outreach services to spread the reach of your crypto startup across industries as well as individual communities.

So with AmaZix, you get the most intensive as well as the most extensive treatment for your crypto startup’s success. 

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