Community Crisis, how to Resolve it?

Community crisis everywhere

2022 may have been one of the biggest years for crises in crypto. It was then we saw hedge funds go bankrupt, centralized exchanges stop operations, and way too many smart contract exploitations. If you had an operating community in crypto at the time, you have likely witnessed the chaos of a community crisis. Not a single telegram nor discord is an island of its own. This is why Community Management is important.

I am having a community crisis, what do I do?

High profile events may not directly affect your protocol, it will effect the members that make up your community. Many of your audience will have used FTX for an offramp, or they may hold the same coins that 3AC dumped. The fact is that the contagion spreads across communities like wildfire, and it is then you will need a team of Community Managers that understand. And that team must be trained to de-escalate conflict and FUD.

Showcase an online community crisis

Crises happen all the time in the crypto space. It doesn’t matter if rumors are based on fact or fiction, people often react the same. Rumors often spread about the end of Binance, and in June there was a clear attempt at a bank run, and from all that chaos nothing was confirmed. Still, token prices plummeted, and organic communities saw hostility among members. Each and every time, people left and never come back, while the role of a Community Manager can prevent that. They will bring information, clarity, and the comfort needed to retain your audience.

“Will this crisis hurt our protocol?”

Your audience will want to know the extent of exposure to a crisis, if any. They will want to know if their funds are safe, and most importantly they want to talk to someone they trust. A team of professional Community Managers will bring users trust and ease of mind. Our Community Managers are able to pull from their past experience, they will help your community understand the facts. AmaZix Community Managers are trained to follow steering from your legal team on sensitive topics. Our Community Managers are experts on how to manage FUD, and most importantly they are reliable, not only to reassure your team and yourself, but for the community at large.

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