How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2022

Year after year, marketers devise new ways to hack search engines and increase their traffic by attracting visitors from other websites. This is why high-quality backlinks continue to be one of the most effective hacks for most search engine optimization tactics. There is more to creating backlinks than you may be aware of, hence, this article is about getting those precious backlinks your website needs to perform better and better.

What Is a Backlink and How Does it Work?

A backlink or inbound link refers to the link of a webpage leading to another, like referring to a product or service.

By inserting quality backlinks in an online piece search engines redirect readers to your website, which is important for different reasons. Particularly, when a web page is back-linked to another, it proves to readers and search engines that your website is reputable, especially if it’s linked from a domain authority. 

Perks of Acquiring Best-Performing Backlinks

In addition to gaining more reputation among readers, high-quality link building can attain: 

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Higher ranking on Google search or any other search engine 
  • More organic referrals, meaning that with a higher number of backlinks the more your website is rated as a high authority site.

Ways of Getting Those Precious Backlinks 

Web Audit and Competitive Analysis 

The first step to creating a portfolio of high-quality backlinks is to analyze your website and that of your competitor critically. The aim of this is to measure your existing effort and find out what other websites are doing differently to achieve a particular result.

It is crucial to find out and explore the destination from which most of their traffic is coming. Tools such as Ahrefs, Similarweb and Backlinko can significantly help.

Guest Blogging

This is not a new trend and it’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks. Guest blogging or guest posting essentially entails publishing an article on high DA websites with an inbound link to your website. 

Here your project and a third-party website, often mediated by a marketing agency like AmaZix, agree to publish a specified number of articles on the third-party platform. Finding the right platform and negotiating the backlinks is an essential step as you should be looking to get your project shared by a platform that is both authoritative and relevant to your niche.

This is an organic way of building high-quality backlinks, but you can also pay for publishing your posts as sponsored which isn’t after all very cost-effective.

Create Evergreen Content

One of the ways to position your brand as an industry leader,  improve search engine ranking and continually drive traffic to your website is by creating evergreen content.

For example, the crypto industry is not easily accessible in terms of language and practices. FAQs, ‘how-tos’ and reference guides that simplify complex topics are a great way to increase the traffic to blog entries as this type of content is what people look for more often.

Creating well-optimized evergreen content (which also includes high-quality link building) makes it easy to rank very high on any search engine. If other websites that find your content significant can reference it and go as far as backlinking it as a source.

Share Your Content With Resource Sites/Pages

There are some blogs or websites like Investopedia, The Binance Academy, CoinMarketCap, Dappradar, MagicSquare, etc. with dedicated resource pages. Often than not, this resource page consists of a curated list of products and services and the proper source from which to get them.

Hence, if you think your products and services are a good fit for the resource website, then you can approach them with the intention of striking a quality backlink partnership deal or promotions to effectively promote your own content. 


There is no doubt that content is king. However, in a time where hundreds of thousands of content pieces are published every day, only a few people take their time to produce well-researched, data-backed and detailed articles.

By creating and publishing original research, especially one with compelling infographics, you can systematically build an enthusiastic audience who not only consume your content but are curious to learn more. 

This particular audience does not require any persuasion to visit the primary source of the publication, which makes this high-quality link-building approach highly recommended.

Testimonials & Product Review 

Testimonials are essentially word-of-mouth marketing. Getting people to talk positively about your content via video, comments, or social media posts makes it easier to drive direct traffic to your landing page. According to findstack, around 97% of people are now confident in cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle, and 55% consider it to be a long-term wealth-building strategy, which means new users say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a company. And can also serve as high-quality backlinks. 

While you cannot outrightly replace testimonials with a product review, they are often used to achieve the same goal. A great product review puts a brand, its product or services in the best light and creates a passageway for new customers seeking to have similar experiences.

Strive to Be a Reputable Source 

Nothing beats organic backlinking, which can only be achieved when a website is positioned as a source of original content.

Ultimately, one of the most effective ways to create high-quality backlinks is to become a relevant source in the crypto space by planning out a feasible, solid content marketing strategy that’s aligned with your expectations.

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