How to Execute a Successful Link Building Strategy for Your Crypto Project

You know that your crypto project has what it takes to succeed. Now, you need to let everyone in the crypto space be aware of that, too. 

With the help of a relevant, growing user base you will be likely to succeed. We’re about to say the magic word: community. We’ve said it before and we will continue to say it, the community realizes a big portion of your success in the crypto space. A way you can grow your fan base is by spreading the word about your project through a successful link-building strategy.

The Purpose of Link Building

In a way, a link-building strategy is meant to collect votes of confidence and testify to the quality and relevance of your content. Link building is important in SEO strategies for blockchain projects that aim to achieve different purposes, one of them being to rank your website on Google highly.

Fostering strong connections between your project and your target audience is key in performing a successful link-building strategy in digital marketing. 

Following these steps can help you attain the goals of your strategy.

What Does Your Audience Like?

Conduct a market study to spot the various websites your target audience visits. Now that you know what your audience is into and therefore the language your competitors speak, you can tailor your content to the trends you’ve spotted that are shared by the competition. But don’t simply copy and paste. Focus on the quality, uniqueness and value proposition of your offerings—that should come through in your content, by all means, so stay consistent and true to your project.

Spread the Gospel

Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others, are the means to attain a successful link-building strategy. These social media platforms can easily reach your target audience when the content is optimized and relevant keywords are in place. 

If you’re using Instagram, focus on creating short and relevant reels. Share frequently tweets on Twitter to create brand awareness. Use Discord for getting your crypto community with their feet in one place. These platforms are where a community gets started so use them consistently.

Become a Notorious Blockchain-Based Project

But gaining authority in the crypto space is not only about spamming on social media. This is why most crypto projects opt to hire a link-building agency to not only maximize visibility but to gain brand reputation, which is often done by creating written content highlighting the relevance of your offerings and having it shared by third parties. 

People talking about your project will lead to more people getting to know about it and sharing it, too. That’s what you want to encourage with backlinks—the links landing on your website that respectable third-party platforms link in the content they share about you.  

Be aware that the work a link-building agency does is not limited to only writing relevant content but also assessing the quality of a third-party website. Domain rate (DR), page rank (PR), niche pertinence and content structure are important aspects to evaluate before sharing content on external platforms. 

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