How to discover and harness your USP to catapult your blockchain project to success

What is it that makes you different to the rest of the blockchain projects out there? A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) refers to a myriad of things and unless you are lucky enough to have discovered a hangover cure that actually works or the elixir of youth, you will need to differentiate yourself among your competitors and within a very noisy world.  If you don’t define and harness the power of your USP, it could result in your project falling flat. 

A USP that really works usually addresses a specific need that your ideal customer, community or client has, as well as has a value proposition that separates your project or organisation from the rest. 

So, where do you begin to decide how to set yourself apart? There are a number of tangible and intangibles to consider and discovering your USP can bring to light a number of things that could assist you in building a better project. The first thing you need to do is understand is who your customer is. 

Customer centricity is vital for the survival of any business/startup or project.

Understanding what your perfect customer/community really wants and what your customers pain points are is necessary. The importance of community in any blockchain project cannot be downplayed — explore the implications in one of our other blog articles. Furthermore, digging deeper, do you know what motivates people in your sector to participate in a blockchain project? Why would they choose your project over another? It’s important to be quite specific at this stage. 

The reason for pinning down your USP properly from the inception is that once you have nailed your USP then everything else will follow from it. The USP anchors all of your actions and even business management strategy to the ground so you need to be specific and sure of what your consumer requires from the get-go. They are the foundation!

Once you have a USP it is as if your marketing and communications strategy were a tree’s branches, everything emanates outward from the trunk which is your USP. 

Once you have unpacked your clients needs and motivations, how does your project meet their needs? At which intersections does your project support the community/clients end goal? Don’t be despondent at this point because it’s rare that you will meet every pain point that your audience has. What counts is where you do tick that box and how can you leverage it.

We can help steer you through this process and navigate you in the right direction. It helps to have external parties who don’t have a vested interest or emotional bond to the project to assist with this process. 

Sometimes when you are in it, you can’t see the wood for the trees and an objective party, experienced in discovering USPs, helps you.

The initial journey to discover your USP by unpacking who your audience is, who you are and how you can meet your audience needs can be hair raising but once there then you can create your Brand Essence Message or in non-marketing jargon, your elevator pitch. 

This should be short, sharp and punchy and touch on all of the elements you have just discovered. If someone asks about your project, this is what you will tell them in under 60 seconds! If you can’t do this  then it’s back to the drawing board. Finding your USP isn’t a linear process sometimes. You may need to revisit some elements and build on them before you can come back and shout your USP from the rooftops. 

AmaZix have helped so many projects discover their USP and once they have, it’s like a massive springboard forward. 

If your USP is the trunk of your project or business tree and all things related to the business branch out from it as we mentioned above that means that like dominos the rest of your strategy should fall into place. Certainly the marketing strategy will have a direction to take because now that you know who your customer/community or audience is then you can reach them via the media or mediums they use, using language that they will respond to. Your USP informs your content strategy and will be used in your paid, earned and owned media. Your USP will be used  to create the visual language of your project and the tone of voice you use on your social media platforms or in the copy used in your PPC adverts or on your website. 

For example if your target audience are bankers your approach will be more formal and you will probably use websites like The Economist to reach them rather than trying to find them on Telegram and employing typical Blockchain and Crypto Memes as a method to engage them. 

As a blockchain and crypto marketing agency AmaZix really wants to see mainstream adoption of emerging technology, promoting innovators and advocating for best practices.  Our mission is to help brands step up to the next level and we can help them do that through carefully thought out strategies that facilitate a USP discovery process and  inform marketing campaigns that could stand alone or reside within a greater marketing strategy.

The choice is yours. We are a full-service blockchain consultancy covering everything from PR & Marketing to Legal Advisory to corporate structuring so reach out and let’s see how we can help. 

At AmaZix we believe that, as we build the projects of tomorrow, we are stronger together.


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