How Can Outsourcing Community Management Benefit Your Crypto Project

One thing that sets crypto apart from other financial systems and enterprises is the importance of crypto communities. Communities are the spine of their success and they pave the way to reach—and even surpass—their goals.    

But a community only stays together when their needs are likewise attended to, in congenial, positive and affirming environments. Here’s where a crypto community manager steps in. 

Although it’s obvious that nobody can know your project better than you and therefore the idea of managing your community yourself is not only tempting but the most evident solution, community managers need to meet many other skills and have full availability to keep your community healthy and sound.

If you knew you needed these skills, would you still consider being your own community manager? If you change your mind—we’re right here armed with the right skills.

Being There No Matter What or When

First of all, here’s the ‘what’: addressing any issue no matter the topic, gravity or magnitude. 

Something about? We have boosted every crypto community we have been in touch with since well before the first crypto winter and through all bear markets since 2017. And so we understand and react promptly to the different lifecycles of online communities.

Crypto Is 24/7—and So It Is Your Community 

Now the ‘when’: community needs support at all times—outside of typical business hours. Community managers need to provide quick support and help users with technical and non-technical issues. Your crypto project gains, almost by default, reliability when supporters know there’s always someone available if something goes wrong.

This is why crypto projects are often willing to let community management partners do this work. By outsourcing this service to a company like AmaZix, you’re getting live support 24/7 with the least friction as our managers are located worldwide.

Full-Service Customer Service

Although the main role of an online community manager can be thought of as a problem solver, it’s really more like a brand ambassador and shapeshifter. Not only can any problem, even a crisis, come at any time, but a community manager is also responsible for warning community members about scams, keeping the community audience engaged, fostering networks and even attracting investors. All of that needs to be done minutely in the ever-changing ground of blockchain.

Let somebody well-versed in blockchain matters take over.

Engaging, Not Just Managing

Community managers are more than reacting customer service bots. They will collect feedback from members and pass it on to the heads of the project for implementation. 

With this, they will learn what are their interests in common and discuss them within the group chats, through posts on social media, engaging members in these conversations.

Not Just a Service, But a Family

With AmaZix, you’re not just getting outstanding community managers. We align your strategy with the goals of your community management outsourcing and focus on organic growth. 

Want to push things forward? We offer influencer outreach to widen the reach of your message and attract relevant members. Relevant members will make for a more solid community as their common interests become more prominent.

If you didn’t know it, now you know it—with AmaZix you don’t simply get a full package for community management but the best one.

Reach out to us to know more about our community management services and other crypto-related queries. We’re happy to help you grow your project and the communities that support it. 


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