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It’s an exciting time to be working with blockchain technology. Its flexibility at cross-sector relevance has been received with growing acceptance worldwide, reaching giddying heights in a short span of time.

Whether as a foundational technology that seeks to improve upon existing structures or as a disruptive model that promises to change the way industries work, there are new, brilliant ideas taking flight each day, riding on the wave of blockchain revolution.

As if navigating the highly competitive sphere of blockchain enterprises isn’t tough enough, entrepreneurs and start ups also face an increasingly difficult task of getting their idea out there. For better or worse, the crypto community have short attention spans and can be extremely critical of new projects — able to take apart conceptual whitepapers and raise concerns over business viability.

AmaZix: working with partners in social engagement

Start ups, by nature, are restricted with the resources they have at their disposal. This is often the driving motivation behind ICOs — to raise funds for continued development, and to recruit the necessary people needed to work on their products. Often, this can mean that community engagement can be ad hoc, limited by the time available to small teams.

But taking the time to respond well to communities and reaching out often to raise the profile of projects translates into greater trust and, therefore, more support. The highly-subscribed ICOs of Bancor and Stox are evidence of that, and we at AmaZix are proud to have been part of that.

It’s a crypto jungle out there, and AmaZix is pleased to continue working with some of the very best blockchain and crypto innovators to launch this year, helping them with social media management. We mentioned a few of them in our previous post, and we’d like to now (re)introduce the others.

1. The eFL (Electronic Football League)

The eFL is the first professional sports league for the digital age — putting fans in control of their own sports entertainment experience. It has almost 20,000 sign ups from people waiting to hear about their upcoming token sale.

2. Flixxo

Flixxo aims to create a decentralised video distribution network where users and content creators interact directly. With less than two weeks remaining on their ICO, it has already raise more than 9,100 ETH.

3. DAV (Decentralised Autonomous Vehicles)

DAV believes that the future of transportation is a network of automated vehicles, discovering, communicating and transacting with users.

4. HydroMiner

HydroMiner is the pioneer in cryptocurrency mining powered by renewable energy. With mining rigs already operating via hydro power in the Austrian Alps, HydroMiner promises an eco-friendly alternative to a highly profitable industry. Having sold out their presale, the ICO ends on November 15th, with almost 8,000 ETH already raised.

5. BABB (Bank Account Based Blockchain)

BABB leverages blockchain tech to offer anyone in the world a UK bank account for peer-to-peer financial services. Using sophisticated AI and biometrics technology, people anywhere in the world will be able to send fiat and crypto with BABB. Its token sale is soon to be announced.

6. Arcona

Arcona is a unique augmented reality ecosystem: a “digital land” that unites the physical and virtual worlds into a single information environment linked to the real world via a layer of augmented reality. It has plans to digitize territories in the 10 largest cities in the world, including New York, London, Tokyo and Istanbul. The Arcona token is set to be introduced in early 2018, with a Christmas Presale taking place on November 27th.

7. White Rabbit

White Rabbit seeks to tackle the challenges of the film and series industry with a blockchain-based solution that allows users to directly reward the creators of the shows they like. Uniquely, it doesn’t distinguish between pirates and normal users, with a philosophy of “stream it all, without stealing at all”. A Christmas Presale starts on November 27th.

8. bitJob

bitJob aims to create a global decentralized marketplace for student employment. Recognising a growing problem globally for rising costs of education, bitJob looks to revolutionize the way students make a living and gain occupational experience. Its token sale successfully raised 8,000 ETH.

9. Indorse

Singapore-based Indorse will launch in November a platform that will change the way professional and social networking will be viewed. Taking on traditional giants in the industry, the Indorse platform aims to give its users ownership of their own data. It raised over 27,400 ETH during its token sale from more than 1,800 participants.

10. KickCity

KickCity is a community-based event platform based on blockchain. Valuing communities, the platform will be used for decentralised & transparent P2P event marketing and will accept fiat, certain ERC20 tokens and Bitcoins for ticket purchase. The ICO starts on February 1st, 2018.

AmaZix has some 40 employees from all over the world, handpicked from hundreds of applicants. As support specialists, moderators, social media managers and expert technical advisors, they engage daily with the communities of more than 20 projects based on the Bancor protocol.

While many of these projects have completed their crowd funding, all of these have continued their partnerships with AmaZix as they continue to grow and find ways to improve their service.

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