Have you followed the White Rabbit down the hole yet?

Wait… Since when did AmaZix venture into Wonderland?

Since we began, really! Looking back into our short yet eventful history, it’s easy to overlook just how uniquely special each and every one of our partners has been. With proposals that are as simple as they are extraordinary, each partner seeks not only commercial success but also, each seeks to bring about useful change in their respective industries.

White Rabbit wants to take you to a new digital streaming industry

We’re all streaming content now. Bandwidths around the world are getting bigger, cheaper and easier to access, while content simply doesn’t fit into any one channel any longer. So we’re going to get our favorite content one way or other. More than anything else now, we’re doing it via streaming.

At the same time, it’s no secret that the film and tv industry has its back against the wall now, facing old enemies on multiple fronts and new ones in the digital age. Our partner, blockchain solutions firm White Rabbit, has identified five of these main challenges to solve with their new browser plug in solution:

1. Shrinking income for film makers from digital distribution.

2. No clear sight of revenue and delays in cash flow.

3. Piracy. Friend or foe?

4. Dwindling variety in choice.

5. Stagnating UI innovation due to lack of digital distribution competition.

With one simple browser plug in, White Rabbit proposes that users simply watch what they want, while the plug in does all the rest on the back end: it discovers the content you watch, smart contracts execute a payment from you directly to rights holders. Every stakeholder has full transparency of transactions.

– Say goodbye to managing scores of platforms with multiple usernames and passwords.

– Forget wasteful subscriptions forced onto you just for access to one particular film or series.

– As a viewer, see exactly where payments go to. For rights holders, see where they come from and access those funds immediately

– As a viewer, get exclusive access to content unavailable elsewhere. As a creator, gain a new userbase of dedicated fans eager to interact and engage with you, eager to be monetized.

What about piracy?

What about it? White Rabbit CEO Alan R. Miligan has this to say:

If an entire generation breaks the law, it’s no longer a crime, it’s a business opportunity.”

And he’s right. The film industry today hemorrhages $15 billion a year to piracy, and is fighting a losing battle. But there is mounting evidence (check the details on the White Rabbit light paper) to show that people who watch pirated content would be more than happy to pay for it — if they could!

The problem of piracy isn’t as straightforward as a case of theft. More often that not, people watch pirated content because they either cannot afford it or they cannot access it.

But if fans could pay directly to creators, the cost to watch is more acceptable, while the revenue for the creator is potentially higher. And if fans could access content previously restricted, then they’d be happy to pay for something they like, enjoy and support.

Change is a complicated thing to achieve, with nothing but resistance and opposition at every corner. It’s seldom a coincidence that those who bring about change tend to be… a little different in their methods, their approaches, their ideas.

So if you’re visiting the website of our partner, White Rabbit, and wondering if you’ve just stumbled onto yet another crazy idea supported by AmaZix, well, you have. Click here to jump in with the White Rabbit pre-sale whitelisting.

As creative director Rob Siltanen famously said, “Here’s to the crazy ones…”

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