Googling the future

Ever wish you could ask a computer about tomorrow? Movies have been offering us a glimpse of that possibility for years: we saw artificial intelligence (AI) predicting future murderers in Minority Report, while we even saw evidence of real life success in Moneyball, where a computer predicted with startling accuracy which baseball players to would bring success.

While data analysis has traditionally (and mostly, still) focused on historical or current data, looking at what happened or what is happening, predictive analytics tries to focus on what’s going to happen. It isn’t new to the marketing world, either, with big data and deep data insights creeping especially into digital marketing.

Not quite there yet for Average Joe

Predictive analytics is possible and carry obvious financial value but they come with significant challenges. First of all, there is a dearth in expertise and their services highly in demand. Then there’s the limited access to the vast amounts of data needed to work with. And because existing solutions aren’t built to scale, they’re limited in scope, requiring months to come up with a model for every specific prediction.

Despite its advances, machine learning’s current tech means that predictive AI is highly complex, slow and expensive. In other words, only affordable by and accessible to the financial might of tech giants.

Endor seeks to make predictive analysis useful and accessible to all

Our partner, Endor has developed a new platform that lets anyone (techie or otherwise) ask a predictive business question or input raw data, receiving answers in minutes.

Imagine being able to ask a plain question to a computer and getting the answer quickly (and accurately). Imagine knowing where your customers will want to buy tomorrow. Imagine knowing where they’ll be shopping next week. Imagine knowing what they’ll be thinking of when they take their paycheck.

Endor’s “Google for predictive analytics” is unrivaled: automated predictions without the prerequisite of complex data science skill, without the delay.

Endor’s a proven product: it’s already found business success with major retail and finance companies such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard and Walmart. Clients like Leumi Card say Endor single-handedly tripled its sales.

It’s called Social Physics

The “secret sauce”, according to Endor, is its own proprietary Social Physics technology and vast machine power. One of the newest scientific fields originating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it originated from the research of Dr. Yaniv Altshuler and Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland (Forbes counts him as one of the world’s 7 most powerful data scientists).

Social Physics combines accepted big data analysis with mathematical laws of biology to understand the behavior of the masses. Its foundations lie in the belief (and evidence) that maths can accurately describe and predict rational, individual thinking that ultimately determines human behavior.

If you’re not yet excited about Endor, you might be with their roadmap objective in the latter half of 2018: building a catalog of predefined crypto predictions for individuals. Ever wondered which altcoin was most likely to double in price? Or which token would dip the most next week so you can get them cheap?

One day soon, you’ll just Endor it.

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