“Fundraising is an Art” — Come Meet the Artists at the Monaco Blockchain Conference, 31st May 2019

Refining the recipe for success in blockchain-based fundraising takes a lot of experience. It must also be backed up by the requisite technical skills, knowledge and talent. So much so, that AmaZix Partners Dr Jeppe Stokholm and Jose Maria Macedo, have said that “Fundraising is an art”.

And if fundraising is an art, then it can be taught. And our AmaZix Artists of fundraising are doing just that!

Monaco Blockchain Conference: 31st May 2019

In two weeks’ time, Jeppe and Jose will be in Monaco for the Monaco Blockchain Conference, where they will be hosting a Masterclass on “How to Successfully Raise Funds Through Crowdfunding Events”.

Learn from our lessons after helping more than 120 projects raise over USD 1,3 billion over the past 24 months. Understand exactly what it takes to execute a successful token sale, and the pitfalls to avoid. This is a step-by-step formula that’s picked the very best of what’s worked in helping projects go from brilliant idea to successful token sale.

What’s more, unlike other events, the Conference is as exclusive an event as Monaco is, where the true value lies in the focus on prime attention: the expected ratio of investor to delegate is 1:1!

The Conference has the participation of the likes of Giuseppe Ambrosio (President of the Monaco Single and Multi Family Office Association), and many other leaders of premier blockchain funds talking about Investments, Capital Raising, Regulations, Market Making and Market Entry for Institutional Funds. This ensures presenters will be pitching to some of the most exclusive investors, including Family Offices, PE Funds and High Network Individuals; these are extremely valuable exclusive networks you won’t find anywhere else.

Tickets are available now, so book now to join us for a day of speakers, presentations, champagne networking, lunch and cocktail party (it’s not Monte Carlo without a luxurious networking party, now is it?).

Network, Connect, Speak with AmaZix

Some believe a stirring wind in the industry may just be around the corner and for others, the hope for crypto springs eternal. But you don’t have to wait very long for meeting opportunities with AmaZix. Whether as speakers, participants or partners, we tend to be present where it matters, when it matters. Give us a shout out if you see us!