4 Factors to Take Into Account When Running an Earned Media Campaign

Traditionally, store assistants have stood behind the counter and waited for customers to come in.

Therefore, the efforts that actively enticed customers to step in were limited to installing posters and window displays. As advertising became more popular with the hefty development of mass media outlets in the sprout of the internet, the need for this practice intensified until it became a boosting industry on its own. 

Generally, advertising methods are crafted to target and segment customers by establishing what they are looking for, where and when. To this point, companies can avail themselves of an earned media agency to provide the tools to achieve their PR goals in today’s vast media world.

The most important function of earned media is to create a public consensus that leads to unpaid promotion. The type of actions you should look for range from mentions, sharing, recommendations, reposting, reviews and everything that falls under word of mouth. This is achieved through a combination of SEO optimization and branded content.

As part of a marketing campaign, it is also necessary to support earned media content by having good PR planning in place. Public relations are critical in cryptocurrency digital marketing, an area that AmaZix has been excelling in.

How to Create a Good Campaign

Earned media campaigns have four indicators that determine their success:

  • Outputs: How much resources you are willing to dedicate to the campaign.
  • Outtakes: What actions the campaign incites in the audience.
  • Outcomes: How the campaign affects the audience’s perception of the message.
  • Impact: How the effect on the audience materializes concerning the campaign’s objective.

An earned media agency can achieve the proposed objectives by performing the right actions to entice digital word-of-mouth recommendations, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Press coverage
  • Social media mentions
  • Shares and retweets
  • Reviews in industry-specific publications
  • Online customer reviews and testimonials
  • Product round-up articles.

An earned media campaign shows that it has been well executed when  these four areas reflect.

High-Quality Content Worth Sharing

The content produced should be interesting and engaging in a way that provokes a positive reaction from (potential) consumers. This is seen when the content is shared by the audience and when traffic is redirected to your landing pages. Original content that is worth sharing translates into sustained growth of relevant traffic, and that’s what a link-building agency can achieve for your company.

Do Your Social Media Homework

It is not enough to throw your content to those god’s worlds to make a living. It is necessary to make sure that the interactions that your content promotes are reciprocal. Good social media management can multiply the effect of good content. It spreads the word too.

Your Customers, Your Best Selling Point

This is particularly relevant for cryptocurrency digital marketing. It is necessary to keep in mind all the aspects that influence your customers’ perception of your products and services. Not only is it important to make sure that the purpose and quality correspond to what is expected, but it is likewise advised to educate customers so they can become confident enough to recommend the product openly.

Give the Media What the Media Needs

This is one of the aspects where an earned media agency is the most helpful. The content distributed in sectorial media or influencers is a very useful method to ensure that the message spreads as planned. For this, the content should be fully tailored to the social media outlets intended to publish it so when it arrives, the piece is completely ready to be published right away. Our article on content production gives more tips on how to get a well-developed message to meet your goals.

At AmaZix we cook all the ingredients to make sure your campaign rockets to the moon. 
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