Discover Why the El Salvador Bitcoin Law Will Force Your Crypto Startup to Stand Out

El Salvador’s bitcoin law is the first chapter of the most beautiful crypto story of all — the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. This law will accelerate the development of the crypto ecosystem in that country and encourage other countries to adopt bitcoin, creating healthy competition in all sectors of the industry.

If you have or are thinking of developing a crypto project, this massive adoption of cryptocurrency is excellent news. The market will have better conditions for the growth of companies in a variety of niches, but, it also means more competition. Therefore, you need your crypto startup to start implementing differentiation and market positioning strategies. In this article, you will discover why AmaZix will be your best ally to achieve it.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Is the First Step Through Massive Crypto Adoption

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele said that the recently enacted the law making bitcoin legal tender in that country would be implemented on September 7, 2020. Parliamentarians had accepted Bukele’s plan to embrace the cryptocurrency, making it the world’s first country to do so officially. This historic decision has encouraged Paraguay to follow the same path to declare bitcoin as a legal currency, which will indeed have a domino effect on other nations worldwide.

This adoption will generate a significant economic and social impact in El Salvador, attracting many investments to turn this country into a crypto hub on the continent and probably the world. However, the El Salvador bitcoin approval will also make companies in all niches of the crypto ecosystem more competitive thanks to the increased demand for products/services in the adopting countries. 

See these statistics:


Is your company prepared for this? Are you carrying out marketing strategies that are positioning it correctly? Your competitors’ tactics in this respect will be more and more demanding, and your crypto startup needs to be ready to stand out. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Your Marketing Strategies Must Be Adapted to the Future Massive Crypto Adoption

No matter what niche of crypto you are in, with countries continuing to adopt bitcoin as a legal currency, more similar projects will be created, leaving the existing ones to compete with better products/services. That’s why your crypto startup needs to anticipate changes now. 

Your company needs to refine marketing strategies to strengthen your brand’s presence in the niche, optimize the positioning of your company’s message, and improve your community. To fill that gap, in AmaZix, we can: 

  1. Conduct personalized research and analysis to know the strategic position that your crypto company has in the market now.
  2. Develop your brand identity to find an adequate narrative profile that conveys an optimized message to your customers and is positioned quickly.
  3. Construct an exposure strategy through excellent social media management strategy and article press realized, viral campaigns, and website listing services.

Let’s take a look at the variety of marketing strategies we can provide to your company.

Make Your Crypto Startup Unique With AmaZix

At AmaZix, we have been successfully helping many crypto companies build out marketing strategies focusing on the blockchain sector for five years. We are constantly looking at companies’ tendencies and user behavior inside the sector to help you prepare for the future with these specialized services: 

Marketing Strategy Development

Every company in the crypto sector needs a customized marketing plan to analyze its niche’s data to provide an engaging message to communicate to the audience and potential investors. If your crypto startup wants to make a difference and stand out, you need to leave this in the hands of professionals. Our marketing specialists will work together through various initiatives to enable your crypto startup to achieve its strategic objectives. 

Community Management

We are convinced that solid customer service is at the core of any successful cryptocurrency project. Those who fail to provide enough assistance to their consumers will wither and perish. AmaZix’s customer support staff comprises experienced blockchain specialists who thoroughly research your project and instill trust in your potential and current clients.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing service will help you kick off and build an optimized online presence for your crypto startup, as well as producing blog and social media material and offering long-term customer assistance. 

Press Release (PR)

AmaZix’s PR outreach solutions can help your brand be positioned in prestigious publications related to crypto, financial, IT, and business sectors.

Viral Campaign

With a focused engagement viral campaign, we are convinced that your crypto startup will grow its social media audience, where AmaZix’s experts will design a personalized viral campaign to achieve it.

Website Listing Service

If you want your crypto startup to appear in the most critical website lists of the crypto ecosystem, AmaZix’s website listing service is the most cost-effective paid-for-advertising plan that can guide you through the process.

Turn your crypto startup into a leader with AmaZix.


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