Does Empathy Belong in Blockchain Communities?

Crypto enthusiasts, even though interested in the highly decentralized nature of Blockchain, are still willing to create communities. Only look at community-based sites like Reddit, which have agglomerated over 3.7M users on its r/cryptocurrency forum.

Despite the high technicality of crypto subjects, individuals are eager to join communities regardless of their level of expertise. 

Of course, conversations don’t always simply happen alone. If a community doesn’t have skilled community managers that work on boosting empathy and engagement, the space will slowly dwindle, leaving a discussion-less chat behind. 

How can we all work together to connect community members and make crypto-related chats a space for everyone?

Empathy Is Key in Community Building

Although communities are focused on highly technical, decentralized subjects, it shouldn’t reflect in the unity of the group. 

People are not machines and communities operate with an emotional capacity. More specifically, crypto-based projects run on community support and this is why cultivating relationships is so important for their development. 

Its open-source nature encourages creating horizontal relations across the crypto community group and empathy is one of those emotions that helps people bond

There are a few ways in which empathy could be used for community building.

Reducing Emotional Dissonance 

Users may be concerned about the judgment of other chat members. If a community seems welcoming and responsive, it is more likely to encourage outsiders to join and participate in discussions. 

A crypto community group that actively works on the emotional well-being of its members can foster a place where nobody, including newcomers, experiences emotional dissonance as they would in the case of an unwelcoming community, often unregulated. 

Finding a Common Ground

When the new members start interacting with other people inside of the community, community managers should encourage an atmosphere of understanding and connection building. 

Crypto enthusiasts join crypto community Telegram groups to get informed about the latest developments in the space, but the people, interactions and discussions are what makes them stay synchronized. 

Community managers work to establish a common ground for everyone to stay interested and active in the happenings of the community. 

Enacting Community Values

Cryptocurrency is envisioned to be the currency of the future — universal, and accessible for everyone. 

Cryptocurrency communities should reflect those values, as they are at the core of every crypto project. 

By providing a space for people to join in and speak their minds, the others are more likely to follow suit and share their insights, too. Here is where community managers not only engage in the discussion sessions but also make sure users don’t engage in toxic behaviors.  

Being Human

Unlike blockchain encryption algorithms, people make mistakes. 

In the course of discussions within the crypto community group, it is important to remember that there are ways of letting users know of their logical fallacies without being cruel

Explaining in a kind and coherent way, without judgment, why a member is mistaken creates an environment where members will more likely stay in the community even after their missteps have been made apparent. 

Answering the difficult question of “How to connect community members?” could be summed up with one word: empathy

A non-judgemental, moderated space is one of the main requirements for creating a tight-knit community in an industry that seemingly prefers decentralization rather than unity. 

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