Do Crypto Startups Need SEO?

For many, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be a practice used mainly by well-established businesses when, in fact, SEO tools can likewise help startups, especially those in the blockchain industry.

Keep reading to learn how and why emerging projects should use crypto SEO in their strategy.

SEO in a Nutshell

SEO allows you to manage and promote your website by linking your content to Google Algorithms that determine your website’s ability to appear on Google Search. With this technique, digital marketing experts optimize your website’s content and help you reach your target audience.

Why Is SEO Important for Blockchain-Based Projects?

Volatility and deceptive tactics have tainted the reputation of the industry and led Facebook—along with other online platforms—to prohibit cryptocurrency advertising. The banning of crypto and ICO advertising across several countries have made crypto marketing a particularly difficult task for startups and established businesses, forcing the industry to be resourceful and master tools to market their projects effectively and in line with current regulations.

With SEO practices, crypto-related content can gain visibility and expand the reach of a project regardless of such bans. Building a competitive website is the first step to making your project’s site be listed in Google Search—only consider that 95% of online entries start with entering keywords in Google Search.

So, optimizing your website based on what products and services your target audience is looking for can help you generate higher returns on investments. And now that Google has also lifted the ban on ads, what you can do with crypto marketing is to unlock the doors to success. 

Benefits of SEO for Crypto Startups

SEO is a robust, organic website ranking strategy that can help your business climb higher in search results. 

It is widely considered that the better the search result visibility, the higher the chances of the business attracting new prospects, and this fact has been corroborated by Brightedge Research, showing that 53% of almost all web traffic is due to organic search. This means that crypto SEO can play a major role in increasing your project’s revenue in the short and long term. 

Besides the economic benefits optimized content can achieve, here are more reasons to consider implementing an SEO strategy today:

Enhancement of Brand Credibility 

Implementing SEO techniques in your strategy will bring your target audience to endorse your project’s credibility by visiting your website. This endorsement will therefore make Google and other search engines consider your project legitimate and favor it in the search engine result page (SERP) ranking. By having your website ranking higher in the SERP, your project can become an authoritative domain in the industry.

Increment in Organic Traffic 

Even though PPC might offer a high value when it comes to crypto and marketing, SEO rules it all in marketing as it helps websites rank on search results, therefore increasing organic traffic. 

Becoming a Global Competitor 

This is a digital era! And optimizing your efforts can make your project become a global competitor, through organic search. A sound SEO planning and execution can make it happen for you on a global level.

So, why would you miss the chance of turning your fears into gains? 

The crypto sphere is crowded with challenges, but our specialists at AmaZix will craft the best SEO strategy for your project to overcome them all. Contact us today!


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