Current: All the multimedia content you ever wanted (and possibly you never knew existed) on one ecosystem

We’re all multimedia content consumers, part of a generation that has never been more connected to an array of media that has never been more accessible.

And yet… because there’s just so much information out there, it’s easy to get lost and confused when seeking out music, films and TV shows that we want. Sure, the channels we use are getting more intelligent in identifying our interests but the algorithms they use can only do so much to clue us in — very rarely able to dig beyond information we share to provide us with something that truly interests us.

And all these channels exist in their own silos, too. We have our favorite streamer on YouTube, our comfort TV shows on Netflix, indie musician grooving on Spotify… it’s not that it’s difficult but surfing for our all of our content and getting updated on all of them can be a chore. Time consuming, sometimes frustrating.

If only there were a way for YouTube to listen to our songs on Spotify and let us know when our favorite musicians post a new video clip, or for Netflix to find the people we follow on Facebook and recommend their latest shows to us, right?

Maybe there already is a way, if we look at the work our partner Current is doing in building a blockchain-based solution to unify fragmented media content.

An incentivized, blockchain-enabled multimedia ecosystem

The team at current is creating a digital token based on the Ethereum blockchain called CNRC. Through this token, Current opens up more choices for people in how they want to play and pay for streaming content.

It also looks to incentivize users for their interactions: all the time and money spent, as well as data shared during their streaming experiences will be rewarded in its native digital token, CNRC. CNRC, in turn, can be used to purchase other products, services and even advertising on the Current platform.

Entertainment media that is personalized, integrated, united

Users don’t have to do anything differently, they simply continue streaming music, film and TV shows the way they do. What the Current media platform does is that it consolidates the best content and features from popular media networks such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and many more.

The first stage of the Current platform was launched last year on Apple AppStore and today has more than 200,000 users searching, browsing and saving their choices all in one place.

Join the Current token sale

The Current public pre-sale, with a purchase bonus of 45%, starts on February 7th, 2018 and run for three weeks until February 28th. Visit their website for more details of the token sale or check out their whitepaper for a detailed description of their technology and development roadmap.

Want a chance to qualify for their CNRC giveaway worth $500,000? Join the Current community of almost 3,000 members on Telegram now!

Keen to meet the Current team? This week, the Current roadshow will be at three major blockchain and finance technology conferences:

1. World Economic Forum, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland (Jan 17–20th)

2. North American Bitcoin Conference, Miami, Florida (Jan 18–19th)

3. Blockchain Week 2018, London, UK (Jan 19–26th)

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