3 Reasons Why Your Crypto Startup Needs a Tailored Content Strategy Now

In today’s digital world, implementing a content strategy plan is critical. It helps businesses develop relationships and communities, create leads, and, most crucially, drive sales and revenue. According to a global study conducted by SEMrush, 84% of marketers are already applying this strategy.

Nevertheless, generating a content creation plan of action in the crypto ecosystem requires specific hard skills to guarantee successful results — based on understanding the nature of the crypto market and maximizing the impact of your content in the blockchain sector. 

In this article, you’ll discover more about how important it is for your crypto startup to have an ideal partner like AmaZix — specialized in developing content creation strategies inside the crypto sector.

A Customized Content Marketing Strategy Makes the Whole Difference

Without question, if done effectively, a very well-defined content marketing strategy can deliver remarkable benefits for your company, but results do not happen overnight. It takes time and follow-through to make it happen. What your crypto startup needs to start is to define very well the target audience to be addressed, the message to be conveyed, the tone of voice, and the platforms to be used, among other factors. 

In the image below, you’ll see the main benefits of creating a good content marketing strategy:

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Did you know that 60% of marketers produce at least one piece of content every day? Believe it or not, consistency in creating an optimized content strategy plan will likely be the big difference that will make your crypto startup take off faster and with more success than your competition. 

Sometimes you don’t have to be better than the rest  — you just have to believe in your company more than everyone else in theirs.

Another vital statistic is that, according to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing strategies and generates three times more leads. Investing your resources (time and money) in content marketing will reduce your costs while producing three times more leads that native or traditional advertising would. 
Now that you know the vast benefits that personalized content strategies have for your crypto startup, you might be thinking of starting doing it by yourself. Here’s why you shouldn’t do it that way.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Crypto Content Marketing Strategy by Yourself

Creating a content strategy that works is not an easy task. That’s why we think these three reasons will make you think twice before doing it on your own.

Crypto Startup Ecosystem Behaves Differently From Other Tech Niches

Like any industry with only a few years of development, the crypto sector is a volatile ecosystem because what we are witnessing are just the foundations for its long-term growth.

The profile of people in this sector is not the same as in other technological niches. It gathers people who are very curious, self-taught, predisposed to finding alternative solutions to age-old problems, hungry for knowledge, and adventurous. These characteristics make it necessary to create, in a professional way, a content strategy aligned to this profile to be able to detect their interests and problems more easily. 

According to BitBay Pay, 91.5% of crypto users are male, where the age range of users with the highest percentage is 31-35 years old with 20.6%, and 28.2% of users who have made more than one crypto transaction.

Take Advantage of the Young Blockchain Industry

This industry is only 11 years old, and there are so many things left to do. The only way to firmly position your crypto startup brand is to have a robust and crypto-specialized content strategy. 

In the following chart, you’ll see how far this industry will get according to predictions. 

Source: Twitter

The faster you implement a good content strategy, the better and quicker you will rank in your niche. Your crypto startup has the excellent opportunity to be, in a few years, a leader in your category, and we at AmaZix want to help you get there.

Don’t Have Time to Create Content

Typically, a crypto startup is born as a small-time venture, which most likely has few people in the marketing area to take the time to write professional articles. This is not because they are not aware of the importance of this activity, but because it is expected that newborn companies have a reduced quantity of workers. As they grow, they hire more professionals. This forces them to make other functions and put this one aside.

However, the time it takes for a company to grow is often decisive in building marketing strategies that will mature in parallel with the main business. If crypto company owners decide to hire an external crypto marketing agency since the birth of their business, their marketing KPIs would be different from the owners who don’t.

Considering these three factors, in AmaZix, we can help you develop a customized content strategy plan to maximize your content results.

Let Us Help You Develop and Implement Your Crypto Content Plan

According to Aberdeen, the annual growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders than followers. One of the main reasons is because leading companies lead the way in the niche. 

Why not think that your crypto startup can be a leader in your sector? Just because you are a young company, don’t assume that you won’t reach the top of your category. We want you not to make the same mistakes as your competitors and save time and money in positioning your brand through optimized content in the most professional way possible.

In AmaZix, we can provide you with the best marketing strategy development that follows these steps:

  • Research and analysis
  • Brand identity, narrative, messaging, and positioning crafting
  • Content and exposure strategy development

We are specialists in developing a suitable content strategy for crypto startups like yours. Join us and experience it today!


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