Crypto Startup Lovemark – How to Create One

According to the State of dApps, since the beginning of 2021, an average of 26 dApps have been launched every month in 17 categories. This is a sign that the industry is becoming more and more competitive, making it increasingly difficult for your crypto startup to differentiate itself. 

And not only that but take a special place in your community’s heart.

Lovemarks are brands that are so appealing to customers that they are not only preferred above other brands but are also loved. Therefore, turning your startup into a lovemark will earn you loyal followers in the medium- and long-term — a great way to differentiate from others while establishing your business in the years to come.

Keep reading to find out how to make your company one people love and support.

Welcome to the Cryptocurrency Startup Jungle

It’s 2021, and you’re running against more than 5800 dApps in 17 different categories. From the Top 20, here’s what they reveal about the current status of dApps:

  • 14 have been developing in DeFi
  • 5 have been created in Exchanges
  • 21% of dApps are in their initial stage
  • 49% of dApps are operating correctly
  • 27% of dApps are abandoned.

The figures aren’t too encouraging — only less than half of dApps are operating correctly, pointing at the rocky path that a crypto startup needs to navigate before getting off the ground, not even mentioning the difficulties to stay afloat. Although the sector offers outstanding and valuable market opportunities, only a few manage to fulfill the dream of becoming the next dApp. This is mainly because startups forget to connect more intimately with their audience.
And this reflects on the current adoption of dApps

  • 2 dApps have more than 100k users
  • 16 dApps have 10k-100k users
  • 72 dApps have 1k-10k users
  • 5710 dApps have 0-1k users.

Numbers don’t lie — there’s a great offer when it comes to startup crypto projects, but the current adoption rate of dApps is minimal. To a large extent, this is because the audience is not ready to trust these coming-out-of-the-oven software applications. 

Circulating messages that invite potential clients to examine the developments of your crypto project closely, therefore allowing them to acknowledge, celebrate and profit from them, will generate trust and admiration — compensations of different kinds in turn. 

And you can achieve this by employing crypto marketing strategies that reach your target audience, validate the usefulness of your dApp, and foster feelings of certainty and transparency in your audience — all the things AmaZix can help you achieve.

Relate Your Crypto Startup to Intense Feelings to be Unique

Kevin Roberts came up with this concept. He considers that an emotional relationship built on love and respect should replace that of the brand itself. After all, whereas logic leads to conclusions, emotions lead to action: this urge, motivated by love and respect, yields quantifiable business advantages. 

Source: Blogspot

These are the key elements to implement Roberts’ strategy in your crypto marketing plan:

  • Loyal clients: First, you need to identify the feelings that your company sparks in your audience so you can continue to nourish them with messages that actively endorse and validate them. 
  • Sustained growth: Once you have enacted a relation of affection with your community, you need to ensure that such feelings can be shared among many other users attracted to the same values. Eventually, you’ll see your crypto startup supporter’s base grow.

Create a Fanbase

Why should you have users when you can have loyal supporters, the kind that wouldn’t let you fail? AmaZix helps you find and connect deeply with your future, long-standing base of supporters, sparking those ultra-needed feelings to get your fanbase onboard. After all, we all know that there isn’t business if there isn’t love.
And we do so through our deliberate, art-of-the-state crypto marketing services:

How have our marketing services germinated through positive feelings?

From a Crypto Company to a Lovemark

One of AmaZix’s clients is a decentralized network that provides internet infrastructure and scalable technologies to end-users and companies to empower people globally, especially in poverty-stricken parts of the world. 
Among their crypto marketing goals was to be seen as a company that includes everyone in its internet services — one that advocates for worldwide inclusion and equality.
And we made this happen. Our customized marketing plan, executed effectively and affectionately by our specialized team, included:

  • Market research and analysis 
  • Minor brand revitalization
  • Community management
  • Link building 
  • Influencer outreach 
  • Public relations
  • Email campaign
  • PPC paid social — Twitter/Google
  • Content/design creation 
  • Analytics
  • Customer support

These techniques have endorsed its message, making its mission and vision tangibly visible to its target community. The customized all-around communication fostered a strong brand identity, generating a high engagement rate in the following months. These crypto marketing ideas and execution plans have conjured feelings of trust and admiration, translating into long-term fidelity for our client. And for you, if you give it a try, into a reciprocal relation of growth.

These are some results of a PR campaign we’ll use as an example here.

After publishing a PR to a total potential audience of 89 million people, the client received 1026 clicks-through and 2714 release views. PR distribution coverage included 868 total outlets, with 95 platforms that posted the client’s content. Traffic release amounted to 3,000 views and hits (1,000 multimedia).

AmaZix wants to offer your crypto startup a service that you cannot live without.