Crypto Marketing and Community Engagement: the Inventive Constants

After a year of being active in the crypto sphere, it’s perhaps of little surprise that the groundbreaking work AmaZix does has begun to attract attention, at least among the tech-savvy observers in the wider mainstream audience.

This time Wired referred to AmaZix as marketing hustlers

In a typically frank assessment of the marketing environment for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related startups, Wired notes how the “easy money” previously associated with ICOs is quickly evaporating in the face of increased regulatory scrutiny, compounded by the widening net of crypto advertising bans imposed by major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The business of crypto marketing is an increasingly competitive one, even without these external considerations. In 2018 alone, there have been 859 ICOs launched, just shy of the 871 ICOs launched in the entirety of 2017.

Funding statistics reflect that more startups are fighting for a shrinking pool of funds. Apart from May 2018, ICOs in 2018 have been raising less every month since December 2017’s high of more than $1.66 billion.


Wired does point out what it calls new opportunities that have surfaced as a result, talking to one of the industry’s leading crypto influencers, Crypto Sally, who also happens to be the face of AmaZix. Our own CEO, Jonas Karlberg, reiterated how AmaZix helps “give the (our partners’) products a voice”.

“Crypto hustlers” is what Wired calls these successful people and companies.

From Wired’s point of view, it’s not inaccurate to say that companies like AmaZix and crypto influencers like Crypto Sally have found success by being innovative in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment (when has crypto ever not been complex and uncertain?). But it should be recognized that the industry has always been one that responds best to the most proactive and creative.

By the way, being inventive isn’t new to us

What a reader might overlook, however, is that the work AmaZix does in community management wasn’t exactly a response to the current developments in the industry.

Instead, our way of work, our philosophy of engagement, our obsession with value — these have all been our ethos from the very beginning when we took on our first partners in June 2017, well before ICOs swept aside the world of venture capital with its awesome capacities for crowdfunding.

When we said “groundbreaking” in the beginning of this post, we meant that. A lot of the work we do today is still unrivaled by other community managers.

– We pioneered round-the-clock social media channel monitoring, with professionally-trained global moderators, each highly intimate with details of our partners.

– We impose strict project assessments and screening measures, because it was important to us to be associated with only the most viable projects.

– We strove to improve quality and value with bounty programs (now restructured as Community Rewards), with dedicated managers and reviewers that ensure a high level of quality control and aggressive fraud detection.

It hasn’t ended there for us, either. We continue to strive to innovate, invent, improve, enhance. Our recent restructuring of our former Bounty Programs to Community Rewards is a reflection of our continuous adaptation to keep providing better value to both our partners and the communities we serve.

As we like to say, don’t take our word for it — take what our partners, like Orvium, have to say about our work:

“For a project like Orvium, which aims to make science more open to society than ever before, having a strong community behind us is an essential aspect. In that regard, AmaZix and its pioneering way to engage people from all over the world, has helped us to make a very fast-growing community and to get feedback that are driving important strategic decisions for Orvium.”

Chasing a distant horizon

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but we’d like to think that forward-thinking vision is responsible for our inventiveness.

The blockchain and crypto industry is in the throes of a paradigm shift that will likely last for years, as this emerging field continues on its collision course with the traditional world of finance and banking. And we hold out in the belief that the current developments we are witnessing are positive and necessary for ultimate legitimacy and true mainstream adoption.

Meanwhile, recognition of our work can only be good for us — it tells us that what we’re doing is working. More importantly, it tells us that we’re on the right track towards our goals.

Perhaps, in time, we’ll be recognized for a lot more than being a hustler in the blockchain space, but for now, we’ll take the compliment.


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