Want the Crypto Ecosystem’s Top Influencers to Utilize Your dApp? Here’s How

Did you know that 82% of customers are affected by what they read on social media or blogs before making a purchase? According to market research by Keller Fay Group and Experticity, influencer marketing continues to be one of the most effective types of digital marketing in almost every industry nowadays — and the crypto ecosystem is not the exception.

With the number of people that highly-esteemed players get to reach and activate, could you imagine your dApp being used by top crypto influencers and have millions of people, not only watching their doings, but following suit too? 

Potentially, masses of people inside your niche would almost immediately find out about your dApp and want to test it out. But nothing — or almost nothing — comes without effort. To accomplish this goal, your dApp needs a customized viral campaign to boost its exposure and bring your dApp closer to its intended users.

In this article, you’ll learn the importance of having a viral campaign strategy and how AmaZix can help get your dApp recognized by the world’s top influencers in the crypto sphere.

The Crypto Influencers Market Is at Its Peak

The crypto ecosystem is a young and innovative industry occurring in a sphere that we know very little about, requiring new users to learn how to interact and behave in this brave new world, which can generate a sense of dissociation in early adopters. But with Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and many other social media platforms, as well as blogs and webinars, crypto influencers can provide a new sense of legitimacy and guidance to the industry. 

For some, that’s exactly what blockchain needs to encourage massive adoption.

According to marketing research, 49% of consumers found branded content ads as “annoying or irrelevant,” while 67% indicated that sponsored influencer material had no negative impact on them. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise — people are thirsty to see a more empathetic treatment of their needs and less linear, hierarchical structures. No wonder why a growing number of crypto firms are stepping out of the novice “can-do-all” attitude and reaching to the best crypto influencer to get the best-targeted engagement campaign for their dApps. And AmaZix, with a tracked record, has got you covered. 

So, how do the perks of these campaigns materialize in favor of your dApp?

What You Get When Top Influencers Use Your dApp

While executing a specialized viral marketing campaign,  you will need to keep track of its performance to get a detailed image of how users adopt your dApp. Here are the most important indicators that your campaign is topping the charts. 


This is undoubtedly the most crucial metric in any marketing campaign — whether it is viral or not. Engagement points to the level of interaction between the target audience and your product in a certain period of time. Moreover, it depends heavily on the usage of social media channels and the crypto influencer that is endorsing the product.According to CreatorIQ’s marketing study, these engagement figures are considered satisfactory:

Source: Tubefilter


The best crypto Influencers are said to be cost-effective because the benefits of their services are far greater than the cost. Such benefits reflect directly on their liquid financial status (direct monetization) and interaction in social media that improve the pushed content’s exposure.For example, a crypto influencer can bring the following benefits to your dApp:

  • Increase in the interaction of a publication
  • Growth of the number of followers in social networks
  • Boost the sales of a particular product/service
  • Surge in the number of people using an app, etc.

This has been corroborated in the State of Influencer Marketing 2021 report, pointing to influencer marketing campaign and email marketing as the most cost-effective online customer acquisition methods — each of them capturing 22% of the total market, respectively.

Source: Daxue Consulting

Social Media Hype

Hype for your dApp on social media will inherently come its way as one of the results from executing a crypto marketing campaign on social media platforms since they are, precisely, crafted to generate excitement about a new product or service. Hype, believe it or not, is crucial for the success of any campaign — you want people to talk about it nonstop. Here are the three benefits you get from applying a social media hype strategy:

  • Create more familiarity with your dApp brand: The goal is to deliver material that is easier to consume. This allows viewers to digest the sequence of your story without having to scroll, touch, or swipe unnecessarily through your articles.
  • Make your dApp relevant: While evergreen content is critical, short-lived material should not be underestimated. Your brand may use a viral social media marketing campaign to share trending information and crucial updatings quickly.
  • Encourage immediate action: As stories stimulate rapid engagement, they ultimately assist consumers in making purchase decisions. Given that most young users prefer to consume rather than generate material, tales are an excellent method to promote instant involvement.

Now that you know all the benefits that a customized viral campaign can do for your dApp let’s dig into some of the reasons AmaZix is your best choice.

AmaZix Will Boosts Your dApp With the Best Influencers in the Crypto Ecosystem

At AmaZix, we’re convinced that expanding your community and increasing the engagement of your target group with your product can be done best via a viral marketing campaign.  Our team of experts in the crypto ecosystem, with a two-step program, are specialized in researching, developing, and managing viral campaigns tailored uniquely to the needs of your firm — and the needs of your audience.

  • The first month: We build a target audience via a reward campaign to create an optimized conversion funnel. Then, we create a permissionless strategy called “smartdrop” to introduce your dApp.
  • Following months: Once the target is defined, we promote the reward campaign and build a strategy to prevent fake users from jeopardizing the development of the viral marketing campaign. Finally, we validate the influencer’s work and plan the token distribution.

Join AmaZix now and make your dApp boost its usage with the top crypto influencers! 


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