Crypto influencers – Getting the balance right – Choosing between nano and macro influencers

The main two characteristics of humankind are:

  • Humans buy stuff
  • As social animals, humans tend to imitate each other.

We do much by imitation as a safe path for decisions that may not be life-changing but can still solve a problem easily. That’s the reason behind the massive success of influencers in marketing and crypto influencers in particular.

When this whole trend first started, we saw the emergence of the Brand Ambassador and it worked like a charm for many decades. Brand ambassadors, celebrities, were (and still are), however, rather pricey for the regular non-global brand. As a result, we have been seeing the growth of the Influencer institution, and crypto influencers are no exception, as the solution for all kinds of budgets. In a way, an influencer is like leasing a brand ambassador for a while.

An influencer comes with some assets that can prove very valuable for marketing. They have viewers that are great for distribution but also they have followers that are even better to build trust. They also put forward coherent content implying that the audience has a very specific set of interests, which is very useful for targeting population segments. The best crypto influencers combine all three assets to become more effective in producing a significant impact on any campaign if correctly aligned with your marketing strategy.

However, choosing the right influencer for your campaign may not be so easy. For starters, there are thousands and thousands of them. Also, you need to decide what content they produce, in what format, and what audience they serve. You need to assess how effective they are too. And finally, you need to decide what audience size may work better.

Nano vs Macro Influencers

Nano-influencers can be defined as those influencers with less than 10.000 followers (range may differ depending on the media, and the format they use). At first glance one may wonder, well, the bigger the audience the better, but in practice, it is much better to be correctly aligned to the right set of prospective customers. It’s all a matter of engagement and retention.

You need to put your product in the proper context and in front of the right audience. 

Macro-influencers may give a great reach but might have too much of a varied audience in terms of interests while small ones can be too specific-niche-oriented but also more effective to get you quality leads. Depending on the content, explaining the value, the utility of your product may be just commercial time where consumers disconnect their attention while with the best crypto influencers may become a nice-to-know piece of information in an educated set of the audience that can appreciate it.

An important part of the role of influencers in crypto is that of education. In general, financial advice is traditionally more the field of experts rather than peers, as the crypto influencers may be considered based on their not massive number of followers. The number of followers in crypto media may also depend on the approach. It is essential to understand the influencer’s bias and the quality of the content (technical analysis, white paper reviews, coin/token specialization).Crypto influencers may be focused on many topics, so choosing the right niche will be the best move to create the best impact with the promoted content.

Your marketing strategy plan is the best tool to choose the different channels you want to use to distribute and communicate your product. Some formats may fit better your type of product, your promotional material as well as maybe more adequate to show your public image, the features of the product, the value it delivers, or the user experience. As with other influencers, crypto influencers may have access to different groups based on the media they use, be that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, with textual content, or Instagram, for instance, with a more visual note, and YouTube for moving pictures.

Moving pictures, influencing people since 1895

It is your marketing strategy plan what dictates what and how you want to achieve and selecting the right type of influencer is an important decision to make. You need a clear definition of what your goal is, what action you want the new leads to take, if you want likes, or direct interaction, brochure download, new accounts.

AmaZix can help you to make this process thorough and easy to maximize the best impact for your nickels. 


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