Content is king, even for blockchain projects

Content marketing is not just what you write about but how you write about a topic and more importantly, why! What is the content’s purpose? What outcome do you want from this content? It’s a little more complicated than stringing together sentences that flow and use descriptive words and phrases that conjure up wonderful images in the audience’s mind.

Your content is a business tool. So own it. 

The cryptocurrency world and by default the blockchain terrain have had some bad press and through some fault of unscrupulous characters in the field certain traditional online marketing practices are no longer extended to our industry. Which means that if you have an exciting project that you want to take the world by storm, marketing it will be a more creative endeavor. And we, AmaZix, are OK with that!

Content marketing is our King and we are its loyal and supportive Queen because we know its merits. 

AmaZix made content its King years ago as a way to circumvent changes in the blockchain and crypto marketing landscape so we know the ins-and-outs and have been taking promising blockchain projects and catapulting them towards success for a while. We work on the overall strategy required to drive success for our clients with content at the center.

The reason content marketing has become so important is because of where the content resides online. On thousands of web pages filled with masses of content,  how do you stand out without paying to stand out? How do you ensure that you are found within that myriad of information and how can you be found ahead of your competitors!

Content strategy is everything — nothing can be left to chance!

If you want to be found at the top of the page, without paying to advertise, in an organic search you need to consider quite a few elements from the headline, headings, the necessary words to be present within an article and their density. There is more to those blog posts you flick through, than meets the eye and that is because search engines like Google and Bing are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of referencing the content loaded onto them on a daily basis. Imagine that task! 

Content Marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing & generates 3 times as many leads.

At AmaZix, we can help you stand out and take care of all those nitty gritties. You know what you need to do in terms of your core business and content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of our core business. Based on the outcomes you want, we will ensure that the search engines are crawling, trawling, referencing and logging your content. And, creating new content is as important as creating good content because, the more content you create frequently and importantly consistently, the more the search engine crawlers need to visit your page.

Content leads to credibility which leads to trust higher adoption rates.

If you are writing good, relevant and useful content that a lot of people are reading, your credibility is raised and so is where you appear on that coveted front page when someone requiring your services is looking around! Creating excellent content within your realm of expertise means you are elevated as an expert. Imagine if others started referring to your content and linking back to the awesome articles you have written. Credibility through the roof especially if those people that use your content already have search engine kudos!

As we said earlier content marketing should be at the center of any marketing strategy and from there its web can extend from organic and owned content on your website to supporting your paid marketing efforts too. Ideally whatever you are creating on your website to draw or pull people in should be mirrored in your PPC and social media advertising. That golden content thread needs to be pulled across all your activities building a synergy and building a strong brand overall. There would be no point in writing a blog on how your product achieves X goals and then advertise on Google that the product achieves Y goals. That disconnect leads to customer confusion and brand fragmentation.

Creating the perfect balance between pull and push marketing is vital for any marketing strategy.

Cracking content marketing is important from all of these technical vantage points – yes, boxes need to be ticked to exist in a digital world but if approached authentically with the beat of intentions and a human angle – you want to help and serve your customers (as AmaZix does) then that will shine through. The way you communicate with your customers is so important and showing up from the first time that they search for you all the way through the customer journey is what counts. It’s one thing to write about what you promise in your weekly blogs but to deliver is what is key for sustained business. When customers pick you having done their research that’s when you know you have hit the nail on the head!

Bad content written without taking SEO or the end game in mind can be detrimental to a company or project. Being found within the haystack that is the internet would be virtually impossible and if you were by chance found and the content isn’t displayed, tagged, referenced properly or worst of all if there were spelling mistakes and grammatical errors how would the project be perceived if these basic things aren’t covered?

AmaZix makes no empty promises — we know we can help make content your king and ensure it forms your overall marketing strategy. We know through experience that without content you don’t have an anchor for the ship you want to dock so you can hop off and explore those islands!


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