Content creation — can we do better? MEDIA Protocol thinks so

Content is king. Advertisers know it. Brands know it, having to rely on it more and more for exposure in crowded spaces. And consumers it know it, always hungry for more and for better.

And don’t we at AmaZix know it! Content (and content creation) is a significant part of the work we do with our community in promoting the innovations our partners are developing. Whether it is disseminating information, promoting awareness of blockchain tech, or simply ramping up interest in the latest solutions in the cryptosphere, content creation is one of the most active engagements we help to manage, through our Community Rewards.

The impact of digital content, via social media

Content has never been consumed at a faster rate, and never been as easily accessible. A third of the world already uses social media (2.44 billion people, Statista, 2018), up 150% from fewer than 1 billion people in 2010.

As smartphones finally penetrate developing economies, users are also shifting to mobile devices. Powered by social web, we can all publish on the internet and can upload and interact with content on the go.

Content is now representative of how we are today: it is how we interact, it is how businesses enter consumer awareness. People now expect that they should be able to connect, via content, with the services, businesses and organizations they use, while people will continue to seek out new ways of creating content to deliver their products and services.

Can we do better?

Despite the seemingly positive effects of digital media, like many sectors, the current online models for content creation and distribution are centralized. Essentially, what we are able to access comes from very few sources, limiting the actual content that we actually consume.

Additionally, content creators and providers aren’t well paid — driving down the quality of content. Consumers are left with poor content, while advertisers are facing increasingly costly campaigns with poorer results and no real way to determine how accurate the returns really are.

MEDIA Protocol’s co-founder, Tom Graham, explains:

“…the current online market is predominately operated by a few distribution platforms that control what we see and jeopardize the diversity and relevance of the content we’re exposed to. With MEDIA Protocol, we’re reshaping the digital content ecosystem and redistributing power from third-party intermediaries with an incentive-driven model that leverages the directness, transparency, and security of the blockchain.”

That incentive-driven model is a tried and tested one: good efforts are rewarded better, encouraging quality interactions and driving better value for all participants in the model.

Articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, audio clips, images. All publishers and platforms implementing MEDIA Protocol can attach a predetermined amount of MEDIA tokens (its native digital asset) to content, to reward consumers who view, read, listen to, like, share or watch the content.

These interactions are also recorded on blockchain, enabling highly accurate and transparent analysis of consumption data (instead of relying on third party data), since publishers and brands need to measure efforts too.

The absence of intermediaries also means that direct engagement from content creators and consumers are encouraged. That’s empowerment for you.

Earn what you deserve

Users in the ecosystem will be the primary earners, accumulating MEDIA tokens which can be used to access premium content or make in-app purchases within the ecosystem.

Distributors are also rewarded for their role in disseminating content, receiving a share of tokens as commissions, based on the levels of content interactions.

Try out MEDIA Protocol with crypto content

What’s an idea without a way to see how it works, right?

Good thing MEDIA Protocol already has an app, CryptoCatnip, which lets you test it out for testnet MEDIA tokens. CryptoCatnip is a news aggregator: use it to browse the very latest in crypto and blockchain from a really wide range of sources and see how easy it is to be rewarded for doing what we know we all do every day anyway: consume crypto!

Try it now for free on Android and on iPhone.

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