Content and Branding — The Importance of Feeling Unique

Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2021. 9.1 billion reproductions is a big number that must be respected whatever your taste is. A hit of this caliber is made by carving out a niche in a style (latin trap) but succeeds by connecting with the audience through its message. 

Some messages can be simple, others more complex but above all the discourse must be coherent. That is content for branding at work.

Define Your Identity

In the beginning was the brand. A brand is what makes you recognizable. In personal terms, your brand is the image that you project to others, both, in external appearance and personality with your opinions and positioning. It’s certain, a brand is not just a logo and a set of colors and fonts. The brand will define your message but the content delivers it.

By exploiting branding with content marketing we ensure that your company is presented as a distinct persona in the crowd to the intended audience, a bit like market segmentation but making it easy for your customers.

Everything you say or don’t say, backed by the actions you take and decisions you make, or don’t, speaks about your brand, and that’s why one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal is branding using content marketing.

“I only act from my heart.”

But branding your company with content isn’t branded content. It is not about your brand’s values but about bringing your brand’s importance to the content to its full extent. This includes aspects such as the topics you choose, as well as the tone of voice you speak in, composed by the following:

  • Personality. How you treat the reader.
  • Rhythm/pace. How the content flows.
  • Vocabulary. How the content is built.

This combination of factors that complement each other delivers the message that is the core of the content for branding.

These aspects we have mentioned define the how, but the what—the message—is defined by the topics and the angle you give to each subject. This must be in line with the vision that governs the company’s marketing and branding strategy.

A Brave New Niche

A good branding content strategy can give you a powerful weapon, turning your potential audience into your niche, the market segment that identifies with your brand. All the factors present you in a certain way and bring you closer to a certain target audience for whom your brand becomes a positive aspect of your company.

Reaching this point of rapport with your customers is especially positive for its effects on the engagement of your customer base. You have to realize that content always requires an investment of time and interest on the part of the audience. In this sense finding the point where consumers find it attractive means that by extension, they also do so with your brand and therefore with your company. In short, it is not about the customer’s journey but the friends you made along the way.

Finally, a note on how to present content for branding so that you can offer material that does not fall into clichés and stereotypical formulas. Interesting content is the one that adjusts to what the consumer is looking for. Search engine companies know this well. 

Give Them the Guns to Fight for You

Users use the Internet to search for information. Useful information? Well, let’s not go that far, just the precise information needed in a particular moment. Not everything in life is the funny mathematical language manuals or the brainy documentaries of aliens in Antarctica. Good branding content optimization should keep this in mind and don’t take a quiz answering piece out of what may be sometimes considered as mere entertainment.

What we are talking about here is motivation, and there is nothing more addictive to feed the motivation to consume a certain content than making each content a discovery. Learning is a powerful drug. It is therefore important to present the information.

We can’t control when our content is consumed, in what frame of mind, or with how much spare time to stop and read it. But we can put to work branding using content marketing in such a way that it has the information pills necessary to make diving into it a trail of candies. Obviously, we want to talk about our book so it is always a good idea to equip the customer with the necessary tools to make the right decision to come to us. To do this we must give them the means with arguments:

  • Information they want and should want.
  • Information about your company, your processes and your products.
  • Build loyalty, trust, patronage, purchases.

Branded content marketing agencies must find the balance between providing the right content for the audience and the right impression about the company and its values. AmaZix has a wealth of experience in this field, having produced thousands of pieces of content helping our clients to make their brand stand out from the crowd.

Contact us now, and let’s find the best way to make the most out of your brand. 


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