Built on blockchain, controlled by fans: please welcome the new American Football League

We at AmaZix have the opportunity to collaborate with partners involved across a diverse range of fields, each working hard at innovating technologies and disrupting industries.

This week, our partner Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) has made firm progress towards the creation of of a new American Football League that will offer fans complete control over players, coaches and games.

Vonage co-founder Jeff Pulver and co-creator of Ethereum Steven Nerayoff have officially joined their advisory board, shortly before concluding a successful pre-sale that reached its $5 million funding target, raising $5,095,053 from 672 participants.

Fan controlled games, why’s that a good idea?

The idea of fan controlled American football centres around the realisation that modern sports fandom is one that never sleeps. If fans traditionally were only present on match days, crowding streets to celebrate victories (or drown the sorrow of defeat), today, the modern sports fan consumes sports even when they are no games.

There’s plenty for the fan to do: watch live press conferences, participate in live pre- and post-match punditry, trade players on fantasy leagues, check out the parlays on offer… the list is virtually endless.

But while the modern fan has developed, professional sports leagues lag behind in their approaches to the management aspects of the game, such as ownership and production — aspects that are tightly-controlled and typically non-transparent.

While still growing, the desire for a professional sports league that can be controlled by fans isn’t new. FCFL began developing a platform in 2015 to test how fans would control on and off field decisions, a venture that consumed more than $2 million of investment. It paid off handsomely: in February 2017, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles debuted as the world’s first fan-controlled professional sports team.

This is what interactive sports looks like

FCFL believes that blockchain technology makes possible the very requirements of a fan-controlled mechanism: real-time, transparent delivery and execution of democratic decision-making.

Its pilot test in a relatively unknown ten-team indoor football league would go on to attract tens of thousands of fans from more than 100 countries and form partnerships with Sports Illustrated and Amazon’s Twitch.

Fans showed their edge, voting for decisions on management through a mobile app, particularly the more complex ability of calling offensive plays during the game. The app would lock in play calls voted by fans, feed it to the coach via a tablet, who would then relay it to the quarterback, all this in a matter of seconds.

The Screaming Eagles would go on to be the league’s 3rd best offense, with Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The FCFL in 2018

Next year, the FCFL will feature eight inaugural teams, with games hosted in an ultra high-tech production studio focusing on digital broadcast of the action. All kinds of pioneering tech will be trialed, from helmet and drone-operated cameras to in-built sensors into the field and equipment. Fans will be able to interact with players and coaches directly via video, Snapchat and Twitter — in and off the field action.

The FCFL will utilise the FAN token, an ERC20-compatible token that will power fan activity, from voting to real-time play calls. The more activity the fan produces, the more FAN tokens they earn, increasing their influence over team decisions. Fans with the largest pools of FAN will also be eligible for benefits such as tickets, prizes and exclusive events, with a leaderboard showcasing the most successful play-callers for each team. Fans from the championship team will even get a chance to share in the million-dollar prize purse.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a manager, coach or trainer in a professional football league, your chance has arrived.

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