Why Your Blockchain Project Can’t Be Talking to Everyone

Marketing is the least about what is being said and more about how you say it and to whom. 

Even the best blockchain project cannot be marketed successfully if it’s talking to the wrong people. But to formulate the perfect message that addresses all the right pain points of potential customers, it’s essential to get to know their way of thinking and offer appropriate solutions. 

That is why one of the major steps in creating a marketing strategy in any field is defining the customer persona. 

Customer persona refers to the ideal buyer of a product or service. It represents a person with particular characteristics and sensibilities, history with (similar) products or services, and problems your offer can solve. 

This is the person toward whom the entirety of your blockchain marketing strategy is turned and the person you want to attract and keep for a long period of time. 

Additionally, there is rarely only one customer persona applicable to a particular case – more and more, it’s a gathering of several people’s personalities and purchasing habits. 

Therefore, it’s nothing unusual for brands to pursue more than one type of target audience and customize marketing campaigns and individual messages accordingly. And it goes to show that deep research on customer persona will most likely result in identifying several individual potential customers. 

But how do you add a face and a voice to your ideal customer to adequately optimize your blockchain marketing strategy? 

By attributing specific details, such as: 

  • Demographics – age, gender, education, familial status
  • Occupation, career details, salary
  • Personal interests, goals, values
  • Needs, pain points, aspirations. 

The more precisely defined these parameters are the better grip on the message and overall marketing strategy the brand has. And conversely, the more superficial the research into potential customer needs is the lower the degree to which they can be successfully addressed and satisfied. 

At the same time, this is exactly why experience in blockchain marketing and tangible contact with the target audience are crucial to fleshing out the most relevant insights into the type of customer you want to attract. 

In that sense, a group of specialists, like the AmaZix marketing team, knows to be as detailed as possible when creating the profile of a customer persona for the clients. With each detail standing for an issue the client’s product or service can solve, it becomes infinitely easier to formulate and communicate the right message via the most appropriate channels.

At the same time, when deliberating on customer personas we also consider the stage in the buyer’s journey – the process all customers go through from the moment they discover a product or service to the time they purchase it. 

This principle applies to blockchain projects the same way it does for acquiring customers in other industries, and most often includes three stages: 

  • Awareness – a person becomes aware of the need.
  • Consideration – a person researches solutions to satisfy the need.
  • Decision – a person decides to buy a solution. 

Keeping in mind the stage a potential customer is in while on this journey, the particular message about the marketed product or service will change taking into account what kind of information they need and how much they are already familiar with the offer. 

It doesn’t matter if the project is specific to blockchain, content marketing strategy formulation is crucial here. 

Hence, to adjust the language to the customer persona means to make the content easy for them to understand and digest quickly – talk the way they talk and address them in the format they usually gather information in. 

That will also determine the channels and techniques to be used in marketing efforts – social media, email, webinars, etc. 

By having a clear image of who to market to, and which needs to target, the marketing team can better utilize time and resources to efficiently present the client’s project on blockchain as well as their product or service. 

The importance of having a precise customer persona is evident in executing the following tasks: 

1. Identifying the Unique Selling Proposition

2. Content creation 

3. Social media marketing

4. Email marketing

5. Refining ad campaigns

6. Aligning with product development. 

It will ensure that all the activities are executed with the same strategic goal in mind keeping accounting for all the personalization details needed for successful delivery. 

By the same token, having a negative customer persona can also support marketing efforts as it would define the type of customer you don’t want to attract for the marketed product or service. 

The success of a marketing blockchain strategy can sometimes depend on minimizing resource and time waste, which is exactly where a negative customer persona is of most use. It would effectively serve to identify overly negative or unrealistic expectations, high acquisition costs, or cart abandonment habits in a potential customer – all the qualities that can optimize campaigns if considered early. 

So, taking into account all the traits and habits you recognize in the ideal customer you want to attract has the potential to boost not only blockchain marketing efforts, but also those of the sales, development and support teams. 

By getting into the minutiae of the matter, a high level of personalization can be achieved – which is ultimately what can make or break the deal. Because in it lies the appeal of your brand over others and the trigger for the purchasing decision that leads customers to you instead of your competition. 

And it’s a delicate procedure. Are you sure you can handle it on your own? Have professionals take care of it for you. 


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