Blockchain Community Building How to Engage With Blockchain and Crypto Communities?

Users join communities to get acknowledged with the ongoing development process of their favorite crypto projects, get to know other members of the community, and share their opinions about the space itself.
With a constant influx of new members, a messaging group can’t be left unmanaged. Without the presence of a Community Manager (CM), blockchain community building is near impossible and it often leads to a silent Telegram chat or Discord group. 

Likewise, due to the nature of blockchain and crypto communities, a moderated community can also be lackluster if the Community Manager responds in a machine-like manner. 
We are sure users have made friends with many chatbots already.
So, what are the ways a Community Manager could engage a crypto community more organically?

Engagement in Crypto Communities

Community Managers can provide users in the community with updates, technicalities surrounding the project and answers to the questions they might have.

However, the main problem a Community Manager faces is the robotic nature of their responses. Here’s what that means in practice. 

Short Answers Are Not Preferable

Short answers can immediately solve the problem a member encounters, but they won’t lead to any additional engagement. 

If the Community Manager knows how to help crypto community chat members, they should not only provide the correct information but also encourage the user to get rid of any other doubts while discussing the problem at hand. 

Answering in short sentences could also lead to the Community Manager being seen as rude and the project unapproachable. 

Longer, more human-like responses are a sign of a deeper understanding of the question. If managers show interest in the members of the community they oversee, this will lead to a more supportive environment—not only for the project but also for the community itself.

An Answer With a Hook

Questions posed by the crypto community group are often yes or no questions, but the answer does not have to be binary. 

While providing a response to a query, the Community Manager can take the opportunity to pose an open-ended question for the community. This sparks the engagement of the group, unveiling some of their potential needs. A high level of clarity in communication is something a good moderator should strive towards.

Speed Matters

In the blockchain ecosystem,  issues need to be solved as fast as possible. If they don’t get their query resolved, the problem can get bigger, negatively affecting the project itself.

A Community Manager should always take initiative and be on the lookout for questions to answer, as it will result in community engagement benefits that often translate to collective support and lively discussions.

Contextual Response

Matching the answer to the question of a community member is also an incentive for additional engagement
If the answer the Community Manager provides is not only friendly but also tailor-fit for the user’s problem, it encourages others to pose their questions too, and engage with other chat members to resolve any issues they might have. This eliminates the fear of a harsh or cold response.
Blockchain community building could be a problem due to the degree of technicality in the space, but through open communication and a willingness of the Community Managers to interact in a human-like and discussion-provoking way, engagement should no longer be an issue. 

Here at AmaZix, we grow communities through constant engagement with chat members, timely responses and a keen understanding of the questions members have. 

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