AmaZix: Taking stock of our work in enhancing Social Media experience

AmaZix may still be the new kid on the blockchain, but diving into the deep end has already brought us a lot of experience in a short time. With the crypto and blockchain industry in a crucial watershed moment between disruptive ideology and mainstream adoption, we couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Since the record-setting performance of Bancor in June, AmaZix has worked together with more than 20 projects utilising the Bancor protocol for constant liquidity. This impressive — and growing — list includes the likes of:

1. Stox, offering the world’s best decentralised prediction market platform;

2. Sharpe Capital, provider of a financial markets protocol;

3. CyberTrust, working to securitise cryptocurrency for the banking sector;

4. Datawallet, building the world’s most powerful data exchange;

5. Superbloom, the management platform for ICO investments;

6. BANKEX, for decentralised capital market;

7. SPiCE, working to disrupt venture capital;

8. SALT, providing blockchain-based loans;

9. WePower, the blockchain-based green energy trading platform;

10. FortKnoxster, the secure, encrypted collaboration solution.

Together, we helped them connect personally with thousands of potential investors and enthusiasts, ensuring that their communities get informed advice, dedicated support and useful interaction.

As a marketing strategy complementing media publicity and awareness campaigns, the work that AmaZix does in social media management is contributes to increased effective engagement with the crypto community. The increased levels of trust and assurance then leads to better conversion rates — in other words, more successful ICOs.

Better support, better marketing, through social media management

AmaZix’s technical expertise and support specialists have helped these projects manage their social media channels, reaching out to online communities to respond to queries and address concerns with prompt, consistent and effective answers.

The results? Communities feel that they are more closely connected to the projects they support and are well informed of its developments and updates. This fosters mutual ownership in the project and helps combat fraudulent activities as AmaZix actively weeds out negative elements we encounter in the online space.

Increased engagement and ownership with communities also indirectly benefit the project — AmaZix collects feedback, suggestions and discrepancies and channels them back to the owners, resulting in improvements to marketing strategies and more efficient, more effective plans. Every engagement is a learning opportunity, and AmaZix converts that experience into lessons learnt.

Unrivaled due diligence

Our recipe isn’t a secret — we come well prepared. Before we even decide on partnering up with projects, we ask them to go through a comprehensive assessment exercise. Our familiarity with an increasingly informed crypto community means that we know very well the scrutiny that projects can expect to come under.

The entire exercise is aimed to be exhaustive, to identify red flags and pre-empt community concerns in the project well before its details are released to the public.

Curious about what AmaZix can do for you?

We’re always on the look out for another exciting project to work on. If you’re working in the crypto space and planning an ICO, or just want help managing your communities, we’d love to hear from you.

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