AmaZix Community Rewards: Your Questions Answered

After announcing our restructured Community Rewards last week, we received quite a bit of feedback and questions from our communities during our open #AskAMAzix session over the weekend.

Understandably, members sought clarification over several general and specific areas, including implementation of Community Rewards, KYC, VIP Participation and Content Creation. Our team has condensed these questions and provided further guidance and answers, detailed in the Q&A format below.

We would like to mention here that we also saw a lot of positive support and found that many from our communities looked forward to the restructured Community Rewards.

We are encouraged by this, and we thank you for your continued support and understanding.

If you need to reach out to us, please join our new Telegram channel for Community Rewards discussion at or email at


1. Question: When will the new Community Rewards changes take place? Do changes affect ongoing bounties?

Answer: Community Rewards went into effect from the date of announcement on May 31st 2018, and will be implemented for all partner projects that begin from that date.

All other ongoing projects previously known as Bounty Programs will continue as they have been, and all participants in ongoing Bounty Programs can continue until these conclude, without being affected by Community Rewards.

2. Question: What programs exactly will run under Community Rewards?

Answer: Community Rewards will include almost all the programs under the old Bounty Programs structure, simply under higher quality control and compliance.

Community Rewards will still include content creation in the form of articles or blog posts, as well as videos, signature campaigns, Telegram channels and newsletter subscriptions.

3. Question: With Twitter and Facebook banning crypto ads, what are the social media allowed on Community Rewards? Is LinkedIn continued?

Answer: As explained, Community Rewards will no longer continue for Twitter or Facebook. LinkedIn won’t be continued. All rewards based on Social Media that imply sharing or upvoting content will be removed.

Moving forward with VIP-tier participants, we are looking at crypto-friendly platforms. However, we will consider other platforms as long as they meet the criteria for VIP participants. We cannot guarantee that these platforms will continue to be accepted, as we have to respect the individual policies set by these platforms, should they decide to restrict crypto-related content.

4. Question: Now that reward allocations are fixed, will they be paid out in ETH or some other cryptocurrency?

Answer: “Fixed” means that the allocation can’t be dependent on the amount of the raise during the token sale. The payment can, however, take place in tokens or ETH/BTC, and this is something to be decided by the team behind each project. In principle, projects pay out in their own tokens.

5. Question: Will there be changes to signature campaigns on BitcoinTalk, especially with regards to Junior Member participation?

Answer: For the moment we don’t foresee any changes in the structure of signature campaigns.


1. Question: How will KYC requirements be implemented? What documents will be accepted? Do I need to do KYC for every new Community Rewards?

Answer: We are working on the specifics of KYC. The exact and final process for KYC for participants will likely only be confirmed after we complete our own assessments and legal input.

In the mean time, we will clarify KYC requirements for new projects as and when we begin taking applicants. For now, participants can expect to be asked to produce some form of documentation that can verify their identities. Most national IDs should be enough.

Rest assured that AmaZix KYC processes will be compliant with accepted privacy laws, including your consent and full disclosure of information of how to access and/or remove your personal information after completing KYC.

KYC will only be a one-time process.

2. Question: KYC documentation can be easy to falsify. Is there any plan to deal with these fraudulent methods?

Answer: Our KYC processes will be of acceptable standards also compliant to relevant laws and jurisdictions, including video verification with applicants, just as would be necessary at most recognized ID verification services. These standards should minimize fraudulent attempts at falsification.

3. Question: Hi, will new rules (especially kyc and social media) be applied to ongoing campaigns or not? Is it possible for AmaZix to create its own KYC so participants of multiple rewards (ex bounties) can do KYC only once?

Answer: This rule will apply to new campaigns. Some old campaigns require KYC and others don’t, it depends on each project.

We aim for the new KYC process to be a one-time process so afterwards the participant can join any campaigns without needing to go through the process again.


1. Question: What is the criteria for selection of VIP participants for blog/video content and translations? Do I need Telegram?

Answer: In terms of criteria, we look for 3 things: Engagement, Level of Influence, and Content Quality. It’s important to for VIPs to excel in all 3 areas. e.g. If content quality is great but you don’t have a genuine engaging audience, you won’t qualify. If your influence and engagement is great but you don’t produce quality content, you won’t quality. If your content has high quality, and you engage well with your audience, but have no influence, you won’t qualify.

It’s difficult to quantify metrics here. Looking at the publications/websites/channels as a whole — there is no ‘minimum checklist’. Even if we had metrics to give, we wouldn’t really want to say as this would merely encourage people to cheat in order to achieve the metrics. Fake likes/subscribers/views/engagement will not help you here. Ultimately, your content should be adding a considerable amount of value. Only if it does, would we be open to working with you as part of the VIP tier.

We will only be inviting around 2% of regular content creation tier participants to the VIP tier going forward, so if you don’t get an invite, don’t feel bad; we’re extremely selective about who we invite here. Keep working on your channels & publications 🙂

Regarding translations, we look at the previous track record of the applicants and review the quality of previous works. After a translator is assigned his/her first job, we value the quality and whether the set deadlines were met.

Yes, you do need Telegram for us to communicate with you!

2. Question: How do I apply for VIP content creation and translation? What information should I provide? Do I need to apply for every project or will VIP participants gain access to all Community Rewards for all projects?

Answer: VIP participation is invite-only for now. However, if you truly feel you meet the criteria for being a VIP creator, you can reach out to directly but please ensure you meet the criteria we detailed first — excellence at all three criteria is required!

Good quality is important, but having good quality alone is not enough. We’re really only working with influencers who have a healthy amount of engagement and who are considerably influential. The vast majority if people who have reached out do not meet the criteria.

You should include all your websites/channels/publications when doing so. All VIP participants can access any and all projects with Community Rewards.

3. Question: Is there a limit to the number of VIP participants? Is there an application deadline for VIP-tier content creation? If rejected, is there a cool-off period before I can reapply?

Answer: We will reconsider applications every once in a while but there’s not point in asking again after a week or two; it’s highly unlikely anything would have changed in this time period if you were rejected.

There is no precise limit on number of creators. We will limit participation & allocation as necessary in order to ensure adequate compensation. You’ll learn more about this if you get invited to VIP tier.

There is no deadline for the submission of an application, we will be constantly reviewing them.

4. Question: Is there a way to publicly view the blacklist and reasons for the blacklist? Can I ever be removed from the blacklist? Are existing blacklisted members able to apply for the new Community Rewards?

Answer:The blacklist file is public and it can be viewed here.

Generally we only blacklist users after breaking the rules several times or seriously disrespecting a manager or a customer. Therefore, it may or may not be possible to be removed of the list, depending on the severity of the infraction. However, blacklisting should be considered indefinite.

Existing blacklisted members can’t apply for the new Community Rewards as long as they are on the blacklist.

5. Question: What are the necessary information to include in the email for a request to be a VIP content creator? Based on what criteria will a blogger be granted VIP access? Will the granted VIP access apply for all bounty projects or will a VIP content creator have to apply every time for each project he/she wants to promote?

Answer: Mainly some links to your blog, previous articles/videos/other creations.See Question 1 of this section.

Depending on the allocation of each project, it may be able to fit more or less VIP creators. Therefore, it will be necessary to get approval before starting to work for each project.


1. Question: Will the content guidelines be updated for the new Community Rewards system?

Answer: Most of the original content guidelines were targeted at improving the low levels of quality witnessed in the old General tier content creation, which itself was a primary reason leading to the new VIP-only tier content creation in the new Community Rewards.

New guidelines and advice will of course be updated to continuously improve the quality and enhance the value of VIP content.

2. Question: Are there any plans to standardize or automate content creation reviewing/rating?

Answer: Content review can be a highly subjective issue and does not benefit much from standardized or automated reviewing/rating. Automated or standardized metrics, as we mentioned above, tends to also encourage cheating just to meet “minimum metrics”.

Content will continue to be reviewed manually as this is the only way to adjust for all the different contexts necessary.

3. Question: Currently, content creators do not receive feedback on their material. Will AmaZix be willing to provide feedback to and receive feedback from content creators?

Answer: Actually, AmaZix has consistently provided feedback to content creators, especially to those who reach out to us. The guidelines and FAQs published were also our responses as general feedback to all the questions received and content reviewed.

We will of course continue to be willing to provide and receive feedback with content creators — just as we have always done. In fact, with our reprioritization of resources to VIP-tier only participants, we can focus a lot more on building skills and enhancing quality of our content creators.

4. Question: Will you introduce a dedicated Infographics section for content creation?

Answer: We will always be looking for ways to improve our services and add more value to our Community Rewards. If there is value in Infographics, we may consider it for the future.

We are always looking out for new ideas and different kinds of contributions. If you feel like you have something valuable to offer to promote a token sale that can fit in our bounty programs, please let us know. We have the “bonus” token allocations precisely for this.

5. Question: Will AmaZix take any steps to avoid situations such as what happened with Repux?

Answer: We are making it very clear for all our customers that the allocation of a rewards campaign should always be an amount that they will be comfortable paying out, no matter how successful the raise. Apart from this, we are also studying solutions based on smart contracts to offer a higher level of security for the participants.