AmaZix Community Guidelines

With the aim of creating a healthy community, we have established some simple rules as an extension of basic courtesy, decency and safety for every member of our community:

1. Be respectful

Your opinion matters — just please pay attention to the way you express it. Whether you are having a conversation with a team member or a community member, please treat them with respect. There will always be differences in opinions, and that is completely normal and expected. Therefore, please feel free to share your thoughts in a way that does not insult or threaten anyone and acknowledges each other’s viewpoints respectfully. If you disagree with the team, express that in a constructive way that brings value to the community and the project itself.

2. Bring value

The best way to create a strong and healthy community is to support the project at all stages. There is always a way to bring more value to the project and its community. You can do so by subscribing to all social media, sharing project-related news, writing your own blog posts and even giving suggestions to the team. You can also engage in genuine conversations on Reddit and Bitcointalk, explaining projects’ strengths and the reasons you believe in or support it.

3. Focus on the project

We do not allow any spam content in our communities and anyone who breaks this rule will be removed. Keep off-topic discussions to a minimum. Please respect that.

4. Read the pinned message

All Telegram groups that we moderate have a pinned message which contains important information regarding the project. Please read it first and always use it as a trusted source of information.

5. Use English language

In the official Telegram group we only use English language. However, please read the pinned message to see if we have local Telegram groups for other languages.

6. No speculation or price talk

Due to legislation, the team cannot discuss the future price of tokens on exchanges. Once a Token Sale is over, please move all trading discussion (price and exchanges) to the trading group. This includes any price/exchange related rumors.

7. Protect yourself from scammers

Unfortunately, scammers are present in every Telegram group, so please be careful. To stay safe, simply follow these rules:

  • Only trust the pinned message.
  • Never trust unsolicited private messages. No one from AmaZix or the Project’s team will ever send you a private message containing any Contribution address or offer any special deal. Please note that scammers often impersonate admins by changing their name, picture and username.
  • Bookmark the official website (you can obtain its address from the pinned message) so that you always access the correct domain. Scammers often use phishing websites that are very hard to distinguish from the actual one, by using tiny differences in the website address.
  • If in doubt, ask. AmaZix moderators are here for you 24/7, so please ask your question in the public group and wait patiently for a response from the legitimate team member who will have an admin tag next to their name.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information of yourself or of others, such as your real name, wallet address, etc. If this information is necessary, the moderators will request this from you over a secure channel.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us by joining our community group: