Activate your community is the trend for Web3 gaming!

2024 is coming fast, and with anticipated events like Bitcoin’s halving and the American Presidential Election Cycle, the year will go by even faster. Today, while still in 2023, there is one trend that we believe will continue into the new year; Web3 gaming.

Web3 gaming has gained popularity over the last few weeks. Projects like Illuvium has announced their P2P release for November 28th, Pixels has sponsored tournaments and custom gaming experiences for their community, while Arc8 has partnered with other organizations incorporating those communities into their experience.

What is the common factor for this trend? The community. Whether it is your own community or a partnered community, the most effective way for a project to grow is by involving the very people who are part of it.

There are two ways to consider how to activate communities.

The first is activating your own community. Done the organic way, your community will be made of real people who believe in your vision. So when it is time to activate them across social media, they are able to support you. A brief on how to activate:

Activate your community:

  • Define the community’s purpose.
  • Provide them with valuable content.
  • Encourage user contributions and reward those contributions.
  • Facilitate the environment for them to network.
  • Accept feedback.

We have a blog post that can set you on the right track on how to create an organic community that will get you started: Organic Community, how to create it – AmaZix.

The second approach is through partnered communities. We have seen this activation when protocols integrate with other web3 dApps, but the community activation was pushed into hyperdrive when users entered the PFP NFTs arena. Influencers were buying all types of NFTs just to grow their follower account, and it actually worked. However, it isn’t that easy anymore, so here are a few pointers as to how to build external relationships with communities:

Activate a partner community:

  • Identify a community you align with.
  • Build a relationship with that community by using their product or service.
  • Provide them value.
  • Collaborate with the community.
  • Host events and participate actively in them.
  • Create co-community initiatives.
  • And, of course, collect feedback & document data to grow.

At AmaZix, we understand the importance of Communities. Without a responsive Community Management team, the efforts to grow an organic community and to activate them once ready will be near impossible. Contact us today to learn how to create and activate your community.