A Day in the Life of a Moderator (MOD)

Here at AmaZix, we are crypto-fanatics dedicating our time to helping launch your crypto projects and enabling your communities to flourish. While we only started helping communities in 2017, we have already partnered with over 100 blockchain start-ups to help tailor whitepapers and launch successful ICOs. We are proud of our accomplishments and are excited to be the partner of choice for successful community programs.

We know that we would not be who we are without our amazing moderators. In a world that never sleeps, communities request immediate interaction with moderators who are experts in their subject matter. As the saying goes, it is always 5pm somewhere, which means that our moderators are always available to ensure their community is kept safe. Like un-caped crusaders, they are the first ones on the scene fighting off potential scammers and keeping you — our crypto-crusaders in crisis — protected.

We would like to invite you to slip into the shoes of two of our moderators — Hilary and Khristian — to experience a day in their lives. Be warned, it involves early starts, quirky rituals and troll stories. Keep your eyes peeled for invaluable advice for aspiring moderators too!

Hi Khristian and Hilary, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today as AmaZix moderators.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Khristian (K): Early on, I always said I wanted to be both an artist and a CIA special agent but once I realized that would be an impressive yet impossible role, I wanted to be a military officer.

Hilary (H): It varied a lot, but I really loved the idea of being an engineer.

So what time do you start each day?

H: I start my day between 4-5am, with a lot of coffee.

K: My shift ends around midnight, but I make sure to be out of bed no later than 9am so I can get my morning run in. When I sleep in too late, my day feels lethargic and I then spend the rest of it trying to cram everything in.

So, as moderators for AmaZix, what are the most important parts of your role?

K: For me, I most value the role of being the bridge that connects projects to their respective communities. I also think it is incredibly important to be able to connect to people from all over the world, finding common ground with them, and being able to discuss projects with anyone, in both layman’s and technical terms as appropriate.

H: The most important parts of my role involve engaging with members of the crypto community, for different projects or businesses, on Telegram and other social forums. I respond to questions or comments from the community; take feedback or suggestions for the teams, and relay updates or responses from the teams on specific issues to the community.

Is your job varied?

K: Absolutely! Some days, I spend more time answering technical questions from the communities, while other days there is a more troubleshooting-oriented slant to the job, where I spend a lot of time helping people learn how to transfer tokens, participate in ICOs, and use Etherscan to track their transactions and troubleshoot transaction failures. As much as these activities vary, they are all equally vital to supporting the projects and ensuring the smooth running of AmaZix!

What skills are needed for your job, and what personality suits the job best?

H: The kind of person who would be best suited for the job is someone who is willing to learn and keep expanding their horizons. The most successful people are great at communicating both verbally and with the written word, as moderators are the first point of contact for most clients. It is also great to have a vibrant personality, and a good sense of humor as the role involves a lot of laughs too.

K: I would say this job requires some technical knowledge and communications skills, but more importantly, it requires patience and the innate desire to learn and always improve. I think that there is a place for many within AmaZix’s ranks but a friendly personality is vital, as communicating with people is a core part of the role.

Outside of work, how do you unwind?

H: I love relaxing with a book or newspaper, and binging on TV series.

K: I unwind through exercise primarily, and with meditation as well. At this point, I cannot truly relax at the end of the day without meditating and it has become the pinnacle of my relaxation each day — like the cherry on top of a productive sundae! I always like to give gratitude for the life I have now — I think a lot of people don’t take the specific time to think about all the great things before them — and I find it always puts life into perspective for me.

What is your favorite thing about being a moderator?

K: My favorite thing about this job is that I get to connect with people from all over the world. Something that attracted me to cryptocurrency in general was its accessibility, and I relish the chance to help people understand projects, whether they are beginners or seasoned crypto vets.

H: My favorite thing about being a moderator is the great opportunity to continuously learn about new blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, and the different ways that they can be applied. Another thing I love is being a part of the crypto-community; I can help answer any questions people may have and be the liaison between members of these groups and the teams that are working on projects of interest. While a reality of the job is dealing with trolls or members who intentionally spread the dreaded FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), it is incredibly rewarding to help communities and keep them safe from scammers.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring moderators?

H: A core knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology would really help moderator candidates stand out.

K: Cryptocurrency is still in its early stages and it is a sphere that is constantly changing, adapting, and growing. Projects are born every day offering something different, something better, something new — so a thirst for learning is so important for anyone who wants to be a moderator. I would recommend the industry to everyone, as it is so diverse and engaging. It feels like a dream to be able to be a part of such a new industry in a world that is constantly changing.

Thank you to our two incredible moderators, Hilary and Khristian, for their time and enthusiasm answering our questions. This industry is still so new that a lot of its inner workings can seem mysterious and hidden, and we hope that Hilary’s bleary-eyed mornings and Khristian’s meditative evenings have helped dispel some of that. We are only as good as our moderators, which is why we pride ourselves as being one of the best community management firms in the industry.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a moderator with AmaZix, go to our website, and press the “Join us” button. After selecting option “B”, you can fill out the fields in the Typeform and your application will be reviewed by one of the AmaZix team.

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