Community and communication — the backbone of blockchain

The strength of the blockchain community is only really based upon the number of people who are following the project.

Community has always played a vital role in the ways that humans innovate and align themselves with each other. Community means a common purpose, goal and even identity. Humans naturally lean towards organizing themselves in tribes, clans, companies or organizations in order to work together. It is no less prolific in the world of decentralized blockchain and the world of cryptocurrency. 

“What we think makes a strong community is members understanding the value of the project, namely why user friendliness, accessibility, distribution, demand, utility etc. are all equally important. A strong community would bring new leads and engage with the project”

— Saber Maram, BitTube

These days people come together and organize themselves online and blockchain and crypto communities are no different.  In fact, the nature of what they do means that online is the central space, with participants in projects found all over the world. If anything, blockchain communities are stronger than others. 

These communities have to have better, clearer communication and intent because of their online nature. Most of the collaborators never meet but are joined by a unique end goal, passion or vision.  Trust within these communities is stronger — it has to be. The distance between the players means some may never have met, ever!  This makes writing or code and security even more important. 

There is a camaraderie and commitment in blockchain communities that is akin to the formation of a subculture that is both daunting and exciting to a newcomer.

Whether you took part in a pre-sale or you are supporting a small community-backed crypto coin, or have backed a small project and are watching it  grow, seeing it complete its first milestones on the roadmap and eventually seeing the project bloom into an industry leader in its respective field – communities are really invested!

That however doesn’t mean that the general public understands this or trust  what blockchain is, what its capabilities are and what the community stands for as a whole. Generally, the mainstream media has a tendency to pick up on the negative aspects of blockchain projects and they associate blockchain with cryptocurrency (the foundation of these currencies) which has another set of perceptions that are generally negative and distrustful. 

As faith in crypto declines, so does perception of blockchain, which is not ideal for a space of such promise and potential. So, how can perception be changed?

Blockchain (and cryptocurrencies) need to make a more concerted effort to communicate the benefits and possibilities of the industry. These communities need to literally “show and tell” the impact blockchain could have in various different sectors. That means that communities need to step out of their safe and sometimes insular spaces and let the world know what they are up to.

Some forms of advertising have been banned for a variety of crypto and fundraisers so that means getting creative with communication and marketing because broader exposure means more evangelists and hopefully, in time, more investment into the innovative projects being built with blockchain, not just crypto. 

Toot your own horn!

With limited communication and market exposure venture capital investments have continued to soar in blockchain startups showing that traditional investment in the sector isn’t slowing down. The only way to tap into that is by learning to “toot your own horn”. 

If you need a microphone to “toot” that horn a little louder and a little further than your usual community groups on Telegram and Discord, let AmaZix show you how to broaden your scope and get new interest in the projects you are developing or if you want to help us change the perception of blockchain then you are in good company. 

AmaZix are a team of people embedded in the blockchain and crypto space — it is our home ground, it is where we reside, and we too want to see it grow. You are our community so the one begets the other. Let’s work together to make the general public more aware of the good, and beneficial stuff being done on blockchain. Let’s dispel all the perceived negativity together. Feel free to email us to reach out, or make contact via Telegram.


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