6 things you need to understand to run a targeted blockchain marketing campaign

Marketing and Advertising have come a long way since newspaper, radio, TV and billboard advertising dominated the campaign space. Previously there was a ballpark demographic that you could reach but no absolute certainty that the people you needed would see your advert, just a higher chance they would. In the age of digital marketing and advertising, very little is left to chance, so it is best to make sure you are targeting the right people. 

The reasons you need to target your campaigns appropriately are both obvious and then not so evident – but here they are:

1. Demographics

Demographics are typically drawn from the research undertaken during the formulation of a marketing strategyFrom that process, naturally, User Personas are put together for campaign targeting purposes. Exploring current social media followers and the type of visitors you get on your website must be explored.

 The following are factors to take into consideration: 

  • Where the bulk of your audiences are located geographically
  • Are there any limitations in terms of advertising your product within those geographies?
  • What age group and gender make up your audience
  • What time are these audiences online
  • Are your current audiences accessing your project on PC or mobile?

2. Media consumption

What media, whether it is online or social, do your current consumers use? And, the audiences you want to target? What is their predominant media of choice?

Once answering what media – Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Medium/CoinDesk/BBC – the following questions are when they frequent these platforms and for how long? Why your defined user persona is using specific platforms is also vital to understand. 

Ideally, you want to reach your defined user persona on a platform they spend a fair amount of time on (that will increase your exposure) and that they are interested in and related to your product. 

Being relevant to your audience’s purpose and needs is essential. Twitter may be ideal for a blockchain or crypto-based advertising campaign, but Instagram may not because the user visits for different reasons. Advertising crypto to a female on a beauty and make-up blog via the Google Display Network does not make sense and maybe irritating. 

3. Behaviors and likes/dislikes

We mentioned earlier that online and digital marketing are pretty granular practices unlike their traditional media counterparts, but most don’t realize how granular. 

Never lose sight of the fact that audiences or your user persona are human beings. A holistic approach should be taken when approaching your audience, and attention needs to be paid to patterns you may pick up on. 

The user persona you have put together of:  a male between the age of 20 and 28; interested in BitCoin; active on Reddit during the day, on his PC; Twitter at night on his mobile, does not include what he does for fun? Is he a gamer? Does he cycle? Does he work in finance? 

As a brand or marketer you can actually methodically select audiences you want to reach according to their age, gender, geography but also according to their interests, hobbies, social standing (single, married, high income earner).

Fleshing out the user persona’s skeleton put together during your marketing research and strategy phase is critical. When campaign metrics are set up, you don’t miss the mark and waste money. Speaking of cash, check out point number 4.

4. Carve up your Content

Different generations, cultures, genders, and personalities respond to content differently. Undertaking a blanket approach to content once you have defined the audience would be foolish after all that effort. One user persona/audience will not respond to particular wording, visual or graphic elements. 

Tailored and crafted content per audience is necessary – females of 45 will respond to a crypto investment-focused advert aimed at women entirely differently from a 28-year-old millennial. ,

5. Testing, Ad spend and Budget Split.

Once you have a 3D version of the persons you want to attract with your campaign, the next element is looking at what this audience is searching – what keywords they are typically using to access the information they require – related to your project or product. 

The most popular words used cost more money – so if your ideal or perfect audience uses specific keywords and you want to hit the nail on the head, you will need to pay more to get their attention. That is because your competitors are more than likely as interested in that person as you are. The competition is stiff!

Of course, AmaZix has a few cards up our sleeves and tactics we employ to ensure we still get to those audiences within budget. One of those is to do a test first in order to understand costs per ad network, the Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Mil (CPM) rates achieved to predict your campaign’s ROI.

Another consideration for audience segmentation is deciding how to split your budget – if you have identified three user persona’s who takes preference? Do you do an even budget split, or is there a ranking of the essential grouping to reach? If  your marketing strategy and objectives are in place, this will be easy to answer.

6. Site Regulations and Compliance

In the blockchain, crypto and DeFi industry it is necessary to be aware of what can and cannot be done on advertising networks like Google Display Network, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

Marketing and advertising anything related to financial services must be approached correctly. This can be tricky – fortunately AmaZix is schooled in the ins-and-outs of PPC advertising and blockchain products. 

This sort of advertising is largely dependent on local regulations and the words used in the content of the advertising as well as what the brand promise or call to action is. 

Regardless of the above challenges, AmaZix can guide you through this process and deliver the right content to the right person in a setting they are comfortable with, and getting that exact combination right will get your project or brand the results it wants. So make contact with us to get the best out of your campaigns. 


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