3 Ways to Avoid the Impact of Negative Crypto Ads on Your Business

Cryptocurrencies, more specifically bitcoin, went completely viral in December 2017 when the bitcoin’s price reached $20,000. Until then — and less critically to this day — the crypto realm had been associated with money laundering, scams, and other moral and financial adversities. 

The volatility of the bitcoin price, in hand with inexperienced adventurers losing hefty amounts of money to speculative investment, taints the image of the crypto startups with negative advertising today, underplaying the potential of the technology to provide worldwide solutions to identity, data storage, and digital ownership.

But despite the negative reputation that the industry has directly or indirectly earned, the number of companies adopting blockchain technologies is increasing, and they come into the field faced with overcoming such pejorative associations at all costs. Let us say — a clear business plan and a crypto marketing strategy that speaks for the purpose of the company will do.

The Reputation of the Industry Affects Your Company’s Performance

There are two different attitudes towards the crypto industry: 

  1. One that acknowledges that decentralized financial systems have the potential to bolster economic stability that fiat money and traditional banking systems cannot provide. Today, four out of five Americans are familiar with at least one type of cryptocurrency.
  2. And the other that is reluctant to accept the inevitable development that crypto startups are fostering via blockchain technologies, refusing to embrace the benefits the technology offers and adapt to the world that it continues to transform. 

The latter attitude, without knowing, discredits the entire industry based on the price behavior of bitcoin, fostering a hostile environment for the industry to expand on the same terms other financial organisms are allowed. With more restrictions, crypto companies are: 

  • Subject to bank credits to create or expand a company
  • Banned from launching crypto ads on Google
  • Affected by the instability of the crypto market.

Protect the Image of Your Crypto Company With a Marketing Strategy

personalized marketing strategy may be one of, if not the most, effective alternatives that is so far available to make your company stand out and be credited with the reputation it deserves — despite that of the market. 
And here is how they can do it.

Foster a Strong Community

This is a must-have for any company in any industry. Companies that have a strong community will find support during tough times. And companies new to the field can thrive by boosting a community with a crypto marketing strategy and in turn gain:

  • Organic search engine rankings
  • Higher engagement rate with clients
  • Increased web traffic
  • Brand personality
  • Visibility
  • Affinity with audience needs.

The image below offers a glimpse into how social media platforms can be used in their own ways to boost your community.

Source: Antevenio

Have an Efficient PR Strategy

PR is a buzzword that is often associated with creating noise around a product or service when, in fact, an efficient press release (PR) strategy can do much more than that, improving the image and credibility of your crypto startup at a low cost. 

Source: b2press

Establish Your Business With a Secure Technology

Launching a crypto startup today is like building a website in the mid-1990s: companies are venturing into the field despite the severe restrictions but surely discovering a myriad of perks — and a level of security that no other technology can provide.

So despite the contempt and derisive criticism surrounding the industry, blockchain companies can battle their way up to the top with a customized marketing strategy that earns you credibility for your work.

Fight Adversities, Be Unique

It’s been six years since AmaZix has purposely started the work to straighten the image of blockchain companies. With state-of-the-art crypto ads, our pool of PPC professionals is specialized in supporting crypto startups to address their niche and target audience in an attempt to position, not only singular companies but the whole industry as a disruptive, cutting-edge technology. 

And we do so with utter care — in reassuring the essence of your business, we do so transparently and in compliance with the legal requirements of our client.

Contact us today and turn negative associations into positive statements with our customized marketing strategy.


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