The AmaZix Whitepaper Review


Your whitepaper may be the single most important document your project will ever produce. More than simply a summary of your team’s plans, your whitepaper is a document that some potential investors will base the majority of their decision upon. As such, the whitepaper must read professionally from cover to cover, follow a cohesive narrative, be economically unimpeachable, be mathematically and grammatically perfect, and be designed in an elegant and eye-catching manner while also convincing readers that the project has potential and that they should invest.

Because it’s such an important document, it’s risky to proceed without an external review. Having an expert team review your whitepaper could mean the difference between a potential investor’s full support, or them walking away in confusion.

What makes a whitepaper expert?

Since beginning operations in mid-2017, AmaZix has been analyzing and writing hundreds of whitepapers for a great range of projects. Our expert team takes an academic approach to honing their skills in producing the best whitepapers on the market by studying the methods deployed in the most successful whitepapers and other business documents.

As such, our team has unparalleled experience in key document composition and a deep knowledge of the key components that are required of any whitepaper to succeed. We know which techniques and content will greatly increase a project’s chances of successfully securing funding and the pitfalls that are likely to have a whitepaper delegated to the wastepaper bin.

Introducing the AmaZix whitepaper review

AmaZix’ whitepaper review service provides the most thorough review on the market. During the course of conducting a whitepaper review, our analyst team conducts a deep analysis on a range of key areas of the whitepaper. We then write up their findings, identifying potential issues and offering recommendations for improvements, and present them to the client.

The purpose is to provide a feedback loop to the project team as to where potential areas of concern may be for the common investor. It simulates what an average crypto investor will be doing to determine the viability of investing in the project. Such a “due diligence” study significantly reduces the odds of having detrimental mistakes being found that would cause the project and team to be portrayed in a negative light.

Below we will outline exactly how our team strategically and methodically breaks down, analyzes, and advises upon our clients’ whitepapers.

The review process

When conducting a whitepaper review, we split our analysis into two distinct parts: a structural analysis section and a content analysis section. We do this because the relationship between form and content is integral to the successful communication of a project and, by extension, successful engagement with the reader. Even the best ideas in the history of man would struggle to be recognized if communicated poorly.

Equally, no amount of presentation will mask an improperly described project. Form and content must be focused upon with equal scrutiny to ensure that both are optimized. By splitting our whitepaper review process in this way, we ensure that a whitepaper is covered on all fronts and can present a strong and unified attack on the market with no weak links in its armor.

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Content & structure analysis

The structural analysis section ensures that all required sections are present in the document, and that all the content contained is of a high standard. In the course of our structural analysis, we ensure that every section and every piece of content for each section that could add value to the document is included.

Where we find a section or a key piece of information missing from the whitepaper, we will point this out and offer recommendations of what to include, how to present it, and where to position it within the overall structure of the document. In doing so, we ensure that the whitepaper is able to answer any questions that prospective investors may have.

Our structural analysis considers 20 areas that we believe are of great importance for the majority of whitepapers. These are:

Executive summary

The executive summary is the port of entry to the whitepaper and a reader’s first introduction to the project. We will ensure that the executive summary conveys a clear overview while avoiding excessive detail that might prevent information retention.

Problem addressed

To allow the reader to understand why the product or platform has been created, the whitepaper must describe a problem and then show how the project will resolve it. We ensure that the problem is properly communicated and quantified with detailed market research in order that readers have a full understanding of exactly what the project is attempting to solve.

Market overview

We will ensure that specific and relevant market information in the context of the project is provided to allow the reader to visualize the issue, problem or gap in the market that the project will remedy.

Project overview/ solution

We ensure that the exact description of the service and the scope of the project is laid out in detail and flows directly from the problem described.

Unique Selling Proposition

We check that USPs are presented in ways that will compel readers to invest. The USP is what separates a project from the pack, and is essential for building investor confidence. Without a properly presented USP, there is no clear reason why an investor should support the project instead of another.

Business model

We will make sure that the whitepaper properly demonstrates that the company can continue to function, that there are clear sources of revenue, that the team is committed and incentivized to continue growing the company, and that the project has great growth potential.

Team description

We will highlight any weaknesses in the team description such as gaps in communicated experience or team make-up that could affect the perception of the project.


We ensure that any partnerships are presented in such a way as to add credibility to the project and to show that it has already begun outreach and gained market traction.

Token model

We analyse the presented token model to verify that prospective investors will be able to gain a clear understanding of token economics and token value flows to understand the functionality and benefits of the token. Important considerations are whether the token has any utility, how the token will capture value and what rights (if any) the token confers.

Sales structure / Token metrics / Funds usage

We confirm that all the essential information that investors must have to know when and how to participate, token price, timing and other vital information is contained and presented clearly.


We advise our clients on how to include financial statements such as cash flow statements, balance sheets, and financial projections into their whitepapers. If these are not available, we will suggest ways in which financial projections can be created and implemented effectively.

Technical overview

We check that each whitepaper features a concise overview of the technical features of the project to demonstrate to investors that the team has thought about the technical implementation of the project in detail and can successfully execute their plans.

Competitor analysis

A strong competitive analysis section will show potential investors where the project fits in the market. We ensure that the competitor analysis is comprehensive and convincingly articulates the great competitive advantages of the project at hand over all of its competitors.

Live implementations

If available, any information about prototypes, alpha/beta tests or other live implementations that is used will be analysed to ensure that it is presented in ways that will work to excite readers while showing that the project is actively underway.

Marketing plan

A solid marketing plan explaining how the team will grow the business and ensure its future success is key to capturing investment. We will make sure that the marketing plan is comprehensive and is successfully conveyed to readers.

Use cases

Use cases help to ground key areas of the project and allow readers to clearly visualize the finished product in operation. We will check that use cases are effectively deployed to explain exactly how users will interact with the platform or product on offer.


A roadmap is seen as essential to investors, used to hold the team accountable for the project's growth. We ensure that the roadmap is clear and detailed.

Risk mitigation / Legal / Regulatory

A strong risk mitigation section (beyond a mere disclaimer) adds both legitimacy and investor confidence in projects. We will ensure that the whitepaper acts as a public contemplation of potential obstacles, regulatory compliance, and marketplace challenges that demonstrates an intelligent and forward-thinking team that understands actual business processes.


We will analyze the project and the sector(s) in which it is based to identify key technical and specialized terminology. We will then check that all relevant terms used in the whitepaper are featured in the glossary and are accompanied by succinct explanatory notes that effectively explain the terms to readers.

Closing statement

We check that the closing statement neatly summarizes the paper and wraps it up with a strong, positive finish.

Presentation analysis

This section of the whitepaper review is designed to focus more generally on the presentation of the project. The AmaZix team will analyse the ways in which the materials discussed in the structural analysis are pieced together to construct a whitepaper that will compel readers to invest in the project.

The form of the whitepaper is incredibly important. As such, the analysis conducted in this area is just as rigorous as in the structural analysis and it is just as important that issues identified are rectified. Our content analysis section will ensure that a WP lives up to best practices, as well as covers all recommended general content specifications.


It is important for any whitepaper to weave a strong, consistent narrative and to present information in the most logical progression possible. We ensure that this is achieved.

Structure/ Internal logic

We search for and identify any structural issues and recommend ways of creating a logical flow for the whitepaper. We also focus on the ways in which the internal logic of the whitepaper can be used to build a conviction in the reader of a solid and not overly competitive market, a unique solution to a fundamental issue, a great plan to accomplish the goals, a well-constructed token ecosystem/sale and a strong team.


Based on the context of the project we will assess the length of the whitepaper and the relative lengths of individual sections, ensuring that each has enough detail and description and identifying areas that could be improved via strategic editing.

Style / Spelling / Grammar

We perform general grammar checks and ensure that the language used in the whitepaper attains a very high standard and that the style and tone of voice remain consistent throughout.

Design / Layout / Diagrams

AmaZix will check that all diagrams and design elements are of a high quality and function to improve the whitepaper’s capacity to engage readers. We will ensure consistent branding across color schemes, graphic elements such as diagrams, and typography. Where graphics are found to be generally lacking, the AmaZix team may make suggestions as to the types of graphics that could be used to improve the whitepaper and where they could conceivably be integrated.


Knowing what level of technical knowledge can reasonably be expected of a readership is vitally important. To complicate matters, investors often have very different levels of understanding. Fortunately, there is a “Goldilocks zone” which will onboard casual investors as well as satisfying the questions of more experienced readers. Based on our analysis of the project and key documentation, we will identify the range of likely readers and establish whether or not the whitepaper is tailored to its intended readership and conveys its message properly.

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What you will receive

Once the AmaZix Whitepaper Review is completed, you will receive a comprehensive document of analysis and feedback filled with actionable insights from one of the most respected analyst teams in the industry. You can use the whitepaper review to action the content yourself or can take advantage of AmaZix’s specialist whitepaper writing team through our key document development service.

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A professional whitepaper that properly communicates the plans of a project, appeals to investors, balances technical information with accessibility, and is tailored to the correct target readership is extremely important for any project that hopes to acquire funding. The AmaZix whitepaper review is the best tool on the market to create a whitepaper that meets these goals. While this post gives an overview of the general areas which we cover in our analysis, each review is bespoke and designed with the specific characteristics and ambitions of each project in mind. For more information, contact us.